Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump from Wood Reading Dynamics. presents his do-it-yourself program for increasing reading speed. Generally recognized as one of the best books on the subject is ‘Breakthrough Rapid Reading’ by Peter Kump. Kump was National Director of Education for. As a fast and versatile reader since the early nineties, I own and have read both books, as well as most books in the genre. Peter Kump’s book is much older.

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You start out skeptically trying what the author is instructing you to do, and after a few weeks you find readibg your reading has dramatically improved.

Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump

So many books, so little time! See 1 question breaithrough Breakthrough Rapid Reading…. This is one of the best book purchases of my life. Don’t get me wrong: I like the idea of this book as there are some books I have avoided as I feel I would lose interest if they took too long to complete.

I am already reading at least 3 times faster than I did before I started reading this book. Also covers what to focus on when you’re reading – what is it your trying to get out of the material you are reading.

You can always adjust your rate to breakthrouhg reading purpose. I would highly recommend it to everyone who’s looking to become more productive.


Spreeder In the Press

This book is not just breaithrough reading fast moving eyes quickly, etc. After only 2 weeks, and brewkthrough some tedious measurements, I found I really could force myself to read almost twice as fast. You will really need to practice breakthough you want to acquire the skill of speed reading – I took an hour and more for all the pratice drills every day in the last week! The beauty of this book is it contains specific exercises and drills where readers can practice each new technique. Deeply reading any book requires a lot more interaction and hence time.

PaperbackRevised editionpages. Understanding all of the ideas of the book? Too much of this book consists of exercises of questionable value.

Books by Peter Kump.

Breakthrough Rapid Reading

Nearly any material hreakthrough be copy and pasted into Spreeder in order to peher you to traverse through the words at a quicker pace. May 13, Jeff rated it it was amazing. In other words, the frustration that might occur early on because comprehension is low, is only temporary– if you keep practicing.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Personally, a lot of my reading is non-fiction, and don’t tend to read such books for the authors’ literary prowess. Memorization is something else.

It was really good. No trivia or quizzes yet.

I wouldn’t speed read a lot of literary texts. The advantage of software products such as 7 Speed Reading — the very latest on the market — is that they can combine tutorials using video clips, as well as other interactive tools, and standard exercises, all tailored to the students specific requirements, and needs.

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Aug 25, Zanny rated perer really liked it Recommends it for: So you don’t do reading exercises in lieu of other reading. By the end of the book I have found that my reading rate has doubled, and my comprehension has increased.

Unlike many programs, you can choose to practice with any text you want.

I still believe strongly that these two techniques are less about techniques and more that they are precursors to speed reading. Obviously not read all the books you want to in one go — but similar.

If reading is utilitarian for you, go for it. So there you have it. Reading is about not being sure if you read it all, atleast at first I think.

Even if it means reading less books. Highly recommended, above almost everything else. Open Preview See a Problem? I feel pter my comprehension has suffered a little.

It then flashes words in a similar format and you can control the speed, length, etc.