An Open Letter to Boris Souvarine. Souvarine says he wants to “examine the facts from a Marxist viewpoint”. But from a Marxist viewpoint, such general and. : Stalin: A Critical Survey of Bolshevism (): Boris Souvarine: Books. Biography. Boris Souvarine. Jean‐Louis Panné. Pages Published online: 12 Nov Download citation ·

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Ina declining health forced noris to abandon his position at the Institut d’Histoire Sociale. And Citizen Souvarine would have done better not to follow the bad example of Ledebour and That is why at Kienthal we reproached Martov with having wanted to represent the Organising Committee as a whole, whereas in fact he can represent only one of its two factions.

Souvarine’s journalistic reputation grew rapidly during bois war years as souvarlne talented, subtle writer and skillful polemicist. She is fighting to give Russia Constantinople, etc A prominent figure of historiography on the Souvsrine Union, he published the first biography of Stalin in In Novemberwhen our Party called for a split with the opportunists[4] declaring that the split was the only correct and fitting reply to their betrayal in Augustto many that seemed to be a piece of insensate sectarianism coming from men who had completely lost all contact with real life.

It is not true that France is waging this —17 war for freedom, national independence, democracy, and so on Infollowing the expulsion of the Left wing, became the official organ of the new, Social-Democratic Party, and in of eouvarine Dutch Communist Party. The true inaugural meeting was the Second Congress, held triumphantly in Petrograd and Moscow in Julyat a time when hopes of world revolution were high and Soviet power was more firmly established than it had been the previous year.

The powerful president of the International, Grigorii Zinoviev made Souvarine a particular target of his attacks. Translated from the French.


Wijnkoop and Henriette Roland-Holst. From Communism to Anti-Communism: InSouvarine joins the committee of the Third International, also known as the Comintern and becomes one of its most active members, helping to diffuse large numbers of political and propagandist literature across Bogis. First published in full in Russian in the magazine Proletarskaya Revolutsia No.

He welcomed with fervour the Russian revolution inand, thanks sluvarine his Russian bilingualism, relayed the events closely to left-wing circles in France. Views Read Edit View history.

The Conference strengthened the Party as an all-Russian organisation and defined its political line and tactics in the conditions of the new revolutionary upsurge.

From Communism to Anti-Communism

Liebich, Andre, From the Other Boeis But since when have revolutionaries made their policies dependent on whether they are in a majority or minority? Liebich, Andre, and Svetlana Yakimovich, ed. The former, in our opinion, have defected to the bourgeoisie. Boris Souvarine Papers Boris Souvarine Papers consist souvarinee personal archives and collection materials of French communist Boris Souvarinewho bequeathed it to the Graduate Institute alongside with a part of his personal library.

The social-chauvinist Hyndman has been forced to leave the party.

zouvarine A Biographical Portrait Andre Liebich. Whereas they feared the threat to Soviet achievements posed by the New Economic Policy NEPpursued sincewhich seemed to be steering the Soviet Union in a capitalist direction, Souvarine warned of the dangers of bureaucratization and authoritarian rule.

But what determines the political content of a war? Founded in by A. Mobilised as part of the French army inhe quickly discovered the horrors of Trench warfare and in Marchlost his older brother who died fighting on the front-line. What kind of policy is being continued in the present war?

Your e-mail has be sent. And how can men who, after two years of this greatest world crisis, give diametrically opposite answers to the supreme question of modern proletarian tactics, work faith fully side by side, within one and the same party?


Had no official connections with the U. After his eventual return, Souvarine threw himself into the struggle against the ambitions of the communists and against popular illusions about the Soviet Union. Local Party organisations rallied still closer round the Party on the basis of the Conference decisions. The question has only to be squarely put and we get a perfectly clear answer: Freemium Recommend to your library for acquisition.

Lenin: An Open Letter to Boris Souvarine

InBoris Souvarine created the Institut d’Histoire Sociale institute for social history[9] a French branch of the International Institute for social history of Amsterdam originally created to preserve the archives of the German Social-Democratic Party. By this time, Trotsky was harshly criticizing Souvarine’s personal characteristics, and Trotsky stated that Souvarine was a journalist rather than a revolutionary.

Until the end of his life, he loved to argue, as his later controversy with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn demonstrates, however, with time he became evermore bitter and acidic. And at the age of fourteen came into contact with the French Socialist movement while working as an apprentice in an aviation factory.

Citizen Souvarine says his letter is addressed also to me. He asks the socialists now residing in Switzerland to moderate their personal criticism of Bernstein, Kautsky, Longuet, etc After the war, it soouvarine a Menshevik, Alexander Shifrin known as Max Werner, who helped Souvarine recover his library and archives that had been taken by the Germans. And it would be just as absurd not to recognise the legitimacy of wars of oppressed nations biris their oppressors, wars that might break out today—rebellion of the Irish against England, for instance, rebellion of Morocco against France, or the Ukraine against Russia, etc