Chalmers A. Johnson, Author, Shara Kay, Editor Metropolitan Books $26 (p) focuses on the effects of “”blowback,”” a term coined by the CIA to denote the. The term “blowback,” invented by the CIA, refers to the unintended results of American actions abroad. In this incisive and controversial book, Chalmers Johnson. Blowback, a term invented by the CIA, refers to the uninted In this sure-to-be- controversial book, Chalmers Johnson lays out in vivid detail the.

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An incredibly thorough analysis of the foreign policy mess that is USA. No mention of the CFR, but he did outline some activities of the intelligence services attempts to take bloaback the US, as we are seeing at the present.

You know, unfortunately, man rapes child is hardly an exceptional headline. Blowback a term initially used in classified CIA documents, referred to the unintended consequences of covert action. It is in its coverage of such terrible events like the Gwangju massacre in South Korea inthat the book serves in some way to highlight the savage hypocrisy that coats much of the World.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In a new edition that addresses recent international events from September 11 to the war in Iraq, this now classic book remains as prescient and powerful as ever.

One of the beneficiaries was Osama bin Laden. Johnson does not always successfully connect the dots; not all of his examples necessarily prove convincing. The American middle class was expendable to the greater goals of empire. It is here that a terrible perversity and hypocrisy is so openly flaunted by its many cheering supporters as the bones and ashes of its victims rot beneath their ticker tape and dancing feet.


Account Options Sign in. Ghost Wars and the Looming Tower both present meticulously researched accounts of the road to September 11th. Because of this I had known about this book for some time before I was able to track it down and dig my paws into its pages.

Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire

For all its naivtee and unruliness, it was right and American policy wrong. This guy fundamentally misunderstands the nature of fiat currency and the essentially destabilizing effect that it has on the global cyalmers. Knowing the motivations of others allows the chalmfrs of a johnso foreign policy.

One person found this helpful. It was a good point but hammered so hard and repeatedly that I did not finish. Thus it goes the world over with the U. Such events seem to find no exposure in a Washington lead narrative of the Cold War and the years since.

He claims the 30s depression was deepened and prolonged due to currency speculation. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. It would be good to broaden my intellectual horizons and see what sorts of theories are floating around out there.

It would be more appropriate to consider this book an extended case study of “blowback” from American economic policy in East Asia, because that is essentially what the book is. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. One thing I hate about books like this is confronting the depth of my own ignorance. For example, why it is necessary to keep so many US troops and forces in Okinawa. An amazing history of America’s involvement in Southeast Asia with all its associated consequences from social, culutral, political, military, economical, financial and human rights aspects.


It puts quite a different spin on what I had taken for granted. From a case of rape by U.

Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire by Chalmers Johnson

The Costs and Consequences of American Empire. Lists with This Book. Blowback is a must-read because of the danger of the over-extension of the U. Americans like to think of the U.

The founders of our nation understood this well and tried to create a form of government — a republic — that would prevent this from occurring. The entire point of the book was convered early on and and Chalmers seemed to belabor it. The result page xiv: Aug 30, Chris White rated it it was amazing. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. The Last Days of the American Republic The book discusses US foreign policy the East Asia Okinawa, Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, and Indochina and it military xhalmers economic hold on that areas to remain a world economic hegemony.

The term “blowback,” invented by the CIA, refers to the unintended results of American actions abroad. Now while Johnson does have expertise in this region and subject matter his writing tends to take a meander into more of a passionate essay which almost borderlines on a rant.

In amongst the jingoism and self afforded ‘exceptionalism’ that only those from within the Imperial bubble hold dear, lies a black and sinister heart which cynically destroys so many innocents in johnspn subtle ways.