The American-born editor of the British literary magazine Granta presents a horrifying, searing account of the young British men who turn soccer matches at. Buy Among The Thugs New Ed by Bill Buford (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. They have names like Barmy Bernie, Daft Donald, and Steamin’ Sammy. They like lager (in huge quantities), the Queen, football clubs (especially Manchester.

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Americans just go to anong games and drink beer and cheer. Societal ills are not concentrated by class or education. Glad the situations are much better and safer for biol. It was also hard not to wonder about the person who would do this to his body. So the all-seater stadiums and the soaring prices, plus the beatific state of mind achievable at beats per minute, solved what had previously been seen as ugly and intractable.

Among the Thugs by Bill Buford

If you are already familiar with the problem, as he is, then you are probably already sick of it. Buford observes that in England, it is just not done for members of the literati to talk about the working class, and so no one will thuys that the true “English working class” has vanished.

He details the feelings and emotions involved in become part of a crowd and shows readers why violence in crowds is such an integral part of hhugs. Retrieved June 17, By surrounding themselves with like-minded fellows, equally prepared to make a statement with force, the crowd overcomes the individual and a person who acts as pleasant as anyone in his everyday life can become a battle-hardened criminal in the midst of the crowd.


A stabbing at a football game would be unbelievably rare in the States, and rhe fact, it’s a lot more likely that a player will get a concussion on the field than it is that a player will get one in the stands.

Among the Thugs Summary & Study Guide

That was in In those, bjford like in the Yugoslavia example, people are revolting against oppression. To Buford, this act became symbolic of the revolt of the unemployed and uneducated against class distinctions: Anyone can be a leader and anyone can be a follower, a soldier.

That violence was made all the more shocking by the fact that it was often inflicted upon persons who had broken no law, disobeyed no order, made no threat.

Start a day free trial for unlimited access to Premium articles. Well, two things happened. They hit everybody, up and down the line. Along with the senselessness of the English lad football fan, I found amon cogent analysis of the Brexit vote. The same goes for drugs.

Even if baseball clubs shared a similar history to football clubs, professional teams in the United States are still too spread out over a landmass larger than the EU compared to the island-bound UK.

They murdered at the Bastille, in Mississippi, and in front of the Wmter Palace. I’d forgotten about this one.

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A riot directed towards a hosting city would be unusual. The English disease in all its gory. And DJ, further down. They do it for the same reason that another generation drank too much, or smoked thugss, or took hallucinogenic drugs, or behaved badly or rebelliously.

The grittier version of Fever Pitch.

Register for free and access one Premium article per week. Learning about these people lends individual characteristics to the faceless crowd that Buford finds himself slowly orbiting. It pricks itself so that blll has feeling, bums its flesh so that it has smell. Bill Buford has done for English soccer hooligans what Hunter S.

Among the Thugs

I note the high calculation of their act — coming up behind the hatch and pulling out an armed man. Quotes from Among the Thugs. Buford is a classist. There is a particularly savage image of a drunk “supporter,” as Buford calls the hooligans, throwing lighted matches on the shoes of a well-to-do businessman riding in first-class, perhaps ho Bill Buford, an American export to Britain, began an exploration of sports violence after he had the misfortune to take a train that was being systematically destroyed by hundreds of Liverpool soccer team supporters xmong the aamong seemingly unable to control the riot, indeed as afraid as the other passengers.