PDF | Lilavati is the daughter of Bhaskara – II, a famous mathematician of ancient India during 12th Century. He is not only a famous Mathematician, but also an. As she grew up, Bhaskara decided to get Lilavati married. In the process, Bhaskara perused Lilavati’s horoscope. He was shocked when he. There were, of course, several other outstanding mathematicians such as Aryabhata II, Bhaskara I, Sridharacharya, Prithudakswami who.

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And otherwise, when one has set down those parts of the figure there [merely] seeing [it is sufficient]. It has lilavai stated, by several authors, that Bhaskara II proved the Pythagorean theorem by drawing a diagram and providing the single word “Behold!

Bhaskara died in at Ujjain. The square [of the height] of the pillar is divided by the distance of the snake from his hole; the quotient is to be subtracted from that distance. Excerpt from Lilavati Appears as an additional problem attached to stanza 54, Chapter 3. One sixth fell to the floor. The main contents are: The little pearl that fell into the water upset the calculations made by Bhaskara and the wedding took place, but not at the auspicious hour.

Lilavati’s face had lost its initial charm. I have just listed a few of them below. As a result, the hour set for the marriage passed without the marriage taking place. He looked at various branches of mathematics, such as algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. Retrieved September 1, This year marks the th birth anniversary of Bhaskaracharya.


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Not just black or white July 22, He also studied and wrote about astronomy. In addition, bhskara book covers an epicycle model of the planets. Bhaskara found it very difficult to see these changes in his beautiful daughter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bhaskaracharya and his Leelavati

His book on arithmetic is the source of interesting legends that assert that it was written for his daughter, Lilavati. Thus, Lilavati became one of the first eminent women mathematicians in India.

Bhaskara covered a number of other topics in Lilavati as well, such as trigonometry and mensuration, and even included a number of problems that readers of the book could work on. Sometimes the last two books Grahaganita and Goladhyaya have been treated as the only two parts of the Siddhanta Siromaniwhile the first two books Lilavati and Bijaganita are viewed as two independent books. Lilavati, the brilliant girl that she was, solved all the problems posed to her.

Bhaskara II biography

While she was looking at the device, a pearl from her dress fell into the cup and blocked the hole. It is known that he was born in A. Madhava — and the Kerala School mathematicians including Parameshvara from the 14th century to the 16th century expanded on Bhaskara’s work and further advanced the development of calculus in India. It is broken into thirteen chapters and covers areas such as the nature of a sphere and the armillary sphere.


Both the Golahhyaya and the Ganitadhyaya show that Bhaskara had strong knowledge of trigonometry. Views Read Edit View history.

Bhaskaracharya and his Leelavati

In particular Bhaskara seemed more interested in trigonometry for its own sake than his predecessors who saw it only as a tool for calculation. Since the Shaka era is believed to have started from 78 AD, we can calculate that he was born in AD. His Bijaganita ” Algebra ” was a work in twelve chapters.

He was perhaps the first to conceive the differential coefficient and differential calculus. Only the people involved would know what really happened, and they would have taken their little secrets silently to their graves. Tell me the amount of his original stock of money, if you have learned the method of reduction of fractions of residues.