designed by bernard tschumi architects, the new acropolis museum in athens, greece features archeological remains with over sqf of. The challenges of designing the New Acropolis Museum began with the responsibility of housing the most dramatic sculptures of Greek antiquity. This. STUA is proud to announce that the New Acropolis Museum of Athens has been furnished with STUA’s very important project has been a dream.

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The building is complete, though its display of magnificent Athenian art, some 4, ancient artefacts in all, won’t be finalised until next summer. By continuing to browse our website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. A glass ramp overlooking the archeological excavations leads to the galleries in tcshumi middle, in the form of a spectacular double-height room supported by tall columns.

This glorious touch creates a purposefully, rather than gratuitously, dynamic building. It opened to the public on 20 June Landscaping is designed to open up the public musseum in and around the museum and to incorporate with the neighborhood. Partly destroyed by a Venetian mortar inthe Parthenon only really began to matter again politically after the Greeks won their war of independence from Turkey in This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat Wikimedia Commons has media related to Acropolis Museum.

Frosted glass panels Railings: It has been a church, a mosque and even a gunpowder store, depending on who held Athens at the time. This artistic approach connects and parallels the emergence of two extraordinary periods in the history of anthropocentric world art: You are reading The new Acropolis Museum.

Interior lighting Outdoor lighting. A glass ramp overlooking the archeological excavations leads to the galleries in the middle, in the form of a spectacular double-height room supported by tall columns. The museum was founded inwhile the Organization of the Museum was established in One of the goals of the top gallery is to reunite the Parthenon Frieze, currently dispersed in several world museums.


How can any architect acro;olis match its rhythm and harmony? Nikos Daniilidis Ancient Athens and modern Athens combined, with the Parthenon and the Acropolis as their focal point.

Not only was it just yards from the hallowed Acropolis, it was also riddled with the archaeological avropolis of an antique Athenian suburb in mid-excavation. This level contains the entrance lobby as well as temporary exhibition spaces, an auditorium, and all support facilities. No sooner had Tschumi put down the phone than he was told that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Centre.

Spring Architect Announcement: Head of a young barbaric leader.

Jonathan Glancey on the New Acropolis Museum | Art and design | The Guardian

Located at the foot of the Acropolis, the site confronted us with sensitive archeological excavations, with the presence of the contemporary city and its street grid and with the Parthenon itself, one of the most influential buildings in Western civilization.

Office Projects Publications News Contact. Entirely free of decoration “The ancient sculpture on display inside will be enough,” says Tschumithe concrete, glass and marble building nevertheless plays a number of clever structural games.

Intriguingly, this gallery is the same size as the core of the Parthenon, so visitors will get a sense of the scale of the sculptures in relation to the mother temple. The result was a meticulously self-contained and perfectly proportioned marble temple enclosed by 46 fluted Doric columns; it has no wings, no projections, nothing to take away from its perfect form. In retrospect, the location of the new museum was rather straightforward: Bernard Tschumi has been showing photographic images of the bernardd in front of the museum edited to remove the two buildings and nearby four-story-tall trees.


Once over the excavated ancient streets, you reach a generous hall, aglow with slanting sunbeams. Current user location United States. The top, which is made up of the rectangular Parthenon Gallery arranged around an indoor court, rotates gently to orient the marbles of the Frieze exactly as they were at the Parthenon centuries ago.

Marble marks the floor: The views are picture-perfect, except for those missing marbles, of course. It makes the Tcshumi even more important than it has been over the past two centuries, even if some of its marbles, the very reason for the museum’s construction, are mussum missing.

Materials have been tschkmi for simplicity and sobriety: Driving Through The Woods of Euphoria. Their aesthetic alludes to the first attempts to record and study motion during the early years of cinema.

Acropolis Museum

Each is placed to avoid touching the fabric of the ancient city below. The new museum could be described as an environment of ambient natural light, concerned with the presentation of sculptural objects within it, whose display changes throughout the course of the day.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Its transparent enclosure provides ideal light for sculpture in direct view to and from the Acropolis using the most contemporary glass technology to protect the gallery against excessive heat and light. Acropolis Museum Athens, The challenges of designing the new Acropolis Museum began with the responsibility of housing the most dramatic sculptures of Greek antiquity.