permission in writing from the author. This document collects some of Basic4android tutorials and examples. The most updated tutorials can be found online. We bring you B4A formerly known as Basic4Android Tutorials, videos and examples source codes. We have a lot B4A examples for you to practice. Tutorial – Connect Android to MySQL Database Tutorial | Basic4android Community | Material para la exposición. 0 admob-interstitial-playservices 3 Using.

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You can also use B4J which is free to make simple little desktop apps for your own purposes, or to create apps that need to communicate with the computer such as media controllers. Erel Dec 27, at 6: VaderJan 26, Subscribe to get notified of new Tutorials. If you struggle basic44android that though, maybe try B4A first to ease yourself in. B4A is the fastest android development platform. The same goes for several of my other apps — some of which have been quite successful.

With over 20, community members who are ready to help anytime you are need, there is extensive documentation. Android Tutorial Background location tracking ErelNov 29, B4A has Visual Designer and little or know knowledge in JAVA langauge and xml, you can get your android applications live in less than 7 minutes.

ErelFeb 13, Facebook Twitter Instagram Github Youtube. But as someone who can use multiple IDEs, I still find myself coming back to B4A for a number of different tasks thanks to how simple and straightforward it is. Your source for all things Android! In other words, because the syntax is largely the same for Basic4Android, Basic4Java and Basic4iOS, you can create a simple app on the PC and then swap out some libraries and platform-specific features in order to port it to both Android and iPhone.

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This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. If you are a VB.

Erel Dec 30, at 1: Android development starts here. Please do not post questions in this sub-forum. The answer to this, on the whole, is yes.

An introduction to Basic4Android – a simple tool for building powerful Android apps

DoganIbrahim Dec 3, Erel Dec 27, at You can see showcases of some apps created with Basic4Android here. Give it a try, click below to download a trial or buy a full version.

DonManfred Dec 10, For a beginner though, it rutorial a little more work to get your head around. June 21, No Comments. Basic4Android allows any user to create and share their own libraries which are written in Java. Like I said at the start, choosing the right tool for the job is part of the challenge. The same goes for debugging and testing.

basic4android tutorial

Hello Everyone, Today I will show you how to develop a simple browser application for your android using B4A. ErelNov 3, You can find the trial version here. Oh and Android Studio also looks a lot more professional and has a bit more polish generally when compared with B4A. Do you already have an account? Why spend years developing something if there are tools out there to help you do it in months?


Any code you can use with Android Studio, you can wrap into a library for B4A. Yes, my password is: Brandsum Dec 21, We share Training Video tutorials, Example source codes and many more for free download. The question that a lot of people are likely to ask is: Log in or Sign up.

July 10, No Comments.

B4A Tutorials videos, example source codes,Tips and Tricks – Leafecodes

Things ttorial color schemes are a little easier to implement in AS and the designer is a lot more polished. To that sub a sub is like a method. Mikonios Aug 24, Android Example Firebase Database working example pedrocamAug 22, Net programmer and basic4andrlid need a quick way to start developing android apps, B4A is your right choice as B4A will get to there with instantly.

Today, I bring you another simple tutorial on how to add custom fonts easily to B4A android applications. November 21, No Comments. B4A latest userguide and beginners pdf for learning B4A is the fastest android development platform.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. So this was a very simple app but even here you can get a taste of how quick and easy development is using Basic4Android. It will be able to convert. Java is also much more object oriented than Basic4Android.