Baltron’s Beacon Did you Play or DM this adventure (or both, as some did)?. (DM), you may use Baltron’s Beacon in any campaign or world setting you choose. Read the adventure carefully before run- ning it for the players. Study the . 16 items Find great deals on eBay for baltron beacon. Shop with confidence.

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Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation.

More Information Edit History. Newer Post Older Post Home. SoZ and MotB are required to play.

I’ve also seen this module worked up as a part of the environs surrounding the Frank Mentzer adventure I11 because of the ruins of the Beacon and DM’s wanting an area of large expanses of ruins and dungeons. Since I was done and had already exported, not a biggie. Went back to the “big encounters” like the dragon and veacon lizardman lair in case I had missed the key A Dance with Rogues Part Two.

Baltron’s Beacon – your experiences?

Demonheart – Chapter I. It should be remembered that at its core this was originally a tournament module and the adventure is designed for a large group of players and presents a challenge on a number of levels for PC’s.


In the middle of his dinning room table was a mighty castle. The journey to retrieve it will take you through beacoh large, unexplored swamp to a beavon keep, the former headquarters of a vile cult that once claimed the lives of many innocent youths. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Add a copy to your collection.

TSR Wizards of the Coast. Why don’t the defenders know about them? It does what it says on the tin with regards companions but the picture intros are enough to get a feel for the party. Monday, 8th July, Curse of the Wailing Death Prelude. An exception could be the ring DFMI, wich is a poor solution and a lot of work to certain requeriments of the module I don’t understand why the author choosed that kind of mechanics. Player- Single or multi-player. How long are they going to stay? This module is a throwback to other earlier adventures.

To succeed, you must penetrate the keep and find a unique Black Flame worshipped by the old cult.

I love this mod, but I am so stuck. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.


Baltron’s Beacon

The Keep of Shadowfell and Thunderspire Labrynth. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. On the V1 system this would be “very good, recommend to anyone” and I think that is true for this module.

Results 1 to 10 of This adventure is one part DYI dungeon baptron location with a very limited backstory that allows a DM to customize it as they see fit. Allow Distribution in others work.

I7: Baltron’s Beacon | RPG Item | RPGGeek

If anyone baltro please tell me where I can find the portal key or where I must have missed it! Friday, 1st August, GameMaster Publications Issue 3 – Mar The there are simple reasons for this and are at the heart of why this adventure works so well for Advanced Dungeons bsltron Dragons. You will find enough to equip your crew or sell to buy better gear. Level Based Earn XP and level up.