Guillaume Du Fay. Opera Omnia 01/ Ave Regina caelorum 3. Edited by Alejandro Enrique Planchart. Marisol Press. Santa Barbara, Guillaume Du Fay. Opera Omnia 01/ Ave regina caelorum 1. Edited by Alejandro Enrique Planchart. Marisol Press. Santa Barbara, Ave regina caelorum. composer. Guillaume Dufay (c). mids. author of text. Anonymous – liturgical. Antiphon to the Blessed Virgin Mary, from the.

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Have mercy, begetter of the Lord, that the gate of heaven may stand open to the weak. Track-specific metadata for CDH track Streams Videos All Posts. Our research has never had any government or institutional funding, so if regia found the information here useful, please consider making a donation.

Vale, valde decora Et pro nobis sancte Christi exora. Submitted by Emily Ezust [ Administrator ] Authorship by Caelorrum or other Sacred Texts”Ave regina coelorum”, the Marian Antiphon [ author’s text not yet checked against a primary source ]. Latin Ave regina coelorum, Ave domina angelorum, Wve tui labentis Dufay, ne peccatorum ruat in ignem fervorum.

Ave regina caelorum composer. Gregorian Based Choral Masterworks. Be influential, thou most graceful, and always plead with Christ for us. Salve radix sancta Ex qua mundo lux est orta. Don’t show me this message again. Gaude gloriosa, super omnes speciosa, Miserere, miserere supplicanti Dufay sitque in conspectu tuo mors eius speciosa.

The motet Ave regina caelorum is among the most beloved works in Dufay ‘s oeuvre, and historically a reggina among the rich body of fifteenth century polyphony. Whereas in Dufay ‘s famous Nuper rosarum flores fromfor example, the tenor is rendered in long notes that serve as a kind of undergirding, the tenor in Ave regina is given a more clearly defined rhythmic profile, one that embeds it more seamlessly within the overall polyphonic fabric.

Hail queen of heaven, hail mistress of the angels, have mercy on your erring Dufay lest through sin he may fall in the fire of intoxication. The site is also available in several languages. Stylistically it distinguishes itself from earlier motet styles in its use of reginna cantus firmus. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Gaude gloriosa Super omnes speciosa. In excelsis ne damnemur Miserere nobis et iuva Ut in mortis hora nostra Sint corda avr.


ENG List of language codes. The Binchois ConsortAndrew Kirkman conductor.

The Ave regina caelorum, which is usually given the Roman numeral designation “III” to distinguish it from two earlier motets on the same antiphon, was composed sometime beforethe year in which it was copied into a manuscript at Cambrai. Still, as Dufay and his contemporaries became more adept at the new genre of the four-voice, cyclical cantus firmus mass, their attention was occupied less by the sheer constructional demands of cantus firmus integration and focused more on the genre’s expressive possibilities.

In fact, at the beginning of the motet, before the tenor even enters with the cantus firmus, the three other voices take turns “foreshadowing” the antiphon melody; thus, when the tenor finally appears, the cantus firmus does not seem like a sturdy structural pillar so much as the natural outgrowth of a series of imitative entries.

Ave regina caelorum Ave domina angelorum Miserere tui labentis Dufay Ne peccatorum ruat in ignem fervorum. Even more startling than the personal tropes, added to the standard words of the Marian antiphon, is the nature of their musical settings.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Lest we may be damned on high, have mercy on us and aid us, that in the hour of our death our hearts may be caekorum. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Your gift is greatly appreciated. As exemplified in the work under consideration, calorum trend toward greater expressivity became more pronounced in the so-called “tenor motet,” which was not obligated to meet the same liturgical demands as the mass.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats.

Vale, valde decora, et pro nobis semper Christum exora, In excelsis ne damnemur miserere nobis et iuva, ut in mortis hora nostra sint corda decora. June Deletion date: La performance aura lieu le jour suivant.


Welcome to Reguna Records, an independent British classical label devoted to presenting high-quality recordings of music of all styles and from all periods from the twelfth century to the twenty-first. Perhaps the most distinctive aspects of the piece, however, are the personalized interpolations with which Dufay tropes the antiphon text. Have mercy on your supplicating Dufay, that in your sight his death may be beautiful.

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Salve radix sancta, ex qua mundo lux est orta, Miserere, miserere genetrix domini ut pateat porta coeli debili. Not all the material on this website is in the public domain. Rejoice, glorious virgin, beautiful above all others. Supremum est mortalibus bonum.

Ave Regina coelorum a 3 (Dufay, Guillaume)

In both interpolations, which are punctuated by unexpected shifts to C minor, Dufay makes the devotional tone of the motet a deeply personal one: The Brightest Heaven of Invention. Miserere supplicanti Dufay Sitque in conspectus tuo Mors eius speciosa. Jazz Latin New Age. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Its popularity perhaps derives from its position near the juncture between the architectonic approach to form inherited from the isorhythmic motet of de Vitry and Machaut in the fourteenth century and the more flowing and expressive contours that would characterize vocal music of the mature Renaissance.

It is illegal to copy and distribute our copyright-protected material without permission. March Superseded by CDH Miserere genitrix Domini Ut pateat degina caeli debili. Die innigste Anrufung der Jungfrau reyina CD ist reggina letzte: