Introduction Of Project Project Definition: Project title is ―AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER ―. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 6, Issue 7, July ISSN Bidirectional Visitor Counter with Automatic. Project title is ―AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH. BIDIRECTIONAL VISITOR COUNTER ―. The objective of this project is to make a controller.

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It can also be used at gates of parking areas and other public places. What is the use of buzzer in this project… Answer: The relay is used to operate the external solenoid forming part of a locking device or for operating any other electrical devices.

Can u guys make a tutorial to detect room entry alert system using alarm with clear explanation??? Also Liquid Crystal Display screen is an electronic display in addition the total number of person in the room be module and find a wide range of applications. A monostable multivibrator is a timing circuit that changes state once triggered, but returns to its original state after a certain time delay. You have to install one project for each room.

Hi sir, this project is almost well for us but i want to know about disadvantages for this project. Which sensor will be used to differentiate between human body and animal body? Since this project uses 2 infrared sensors, it can be used as Bidirectional person counter as well.

We had issues with better or correct result, which we desired. Zero condition means no one in the room. Yes, IR sensors detect the direction. Or we have to dump? Sir is any sensor coubter detect light brightness and then on light at controlker timeor keep it off At day time with blood sensor and temperature sensor Can u give any comment about this.


Try around some codes and share with us. And also check for zero condition. Yes, we can ship this project to Malaysia.

How can i connect Volt AC bulb to it. If you look at the circuit diagram, it already has v AC bulb connected through the Relay. Learn the working of IR sensor module here. The light will be only switched OFF automatlc all the persons in the room go out.

In other cases, where sunlight is enough and lights are not required in day time, we can turn off the project so it will not function. Please tell me how to burn display.

LED L2 indicates relay on. We will reply you total cost including shipping charges. Hi bhakti2, yes we can connect DC motor. What are the advantages? LCD is connected in 4 bit mode. So it can detect the person but it gets difficult to understand if the person is entering in the room or leaving the room. Light sensor — LDR will detect the sunlight in the room or we can say LDR is used to detect daytime If there is enough sunlight in the room which means it is a daytime then the relay will not be turned on even if the person count is greater than zero.

In some specific seminar hall, conference rooms and study rooms, sunlight can not reach in daytime as well. For astable operation as an oscillator, the free running frequency and duty cycle are accurately controlled with two external resistors and one capacitor.


Bidirectional person counter project can be used in Cinema halls, multiplex, malls as well as in temples to count the number of person entering inside. Also if at all one wants to know the number of people present in room so bidieectional not to have congestion. I am current doing my final year project in BEng Electronic Engineering. Check this for IR sensor building: It just responds to the IR rays falling on it.


Get Our Weekly Newsletter! And if it is interrupted then the microcontroller will increment the count and switch on the relay, if it is first time interrupted. Learn the working of PIR here: Circuit Explanation There are some sections of whole visitor counter circuit that are sensor section, control section, display section and driver bidirectionaal.

Monitoring Arduino Reading Arduino enables users to monitor various kinds of sensors such as IR sensor and motion detectors in real-time. IR Sensor Module Circuit. Please refer to description and image given in the wutomatic details section above.

Additional terminals are provided for triggering or resetting if desired. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends visutor any social system.

Automatic Room light Controller with Visitor Counter

So that these places should not get over crowded to avoid congestion. But i have a question. And following are the important modules in this project: Sir, I am from Bangladesh, we have a problem with electricity in our country.

Click here to sign up. And when counter will be 00 that time Relay will be goom off.