It look a little different than I used in the tutorial because I added more parts in the 3D model Autodesk D – Intro to Sketches Video Series: First Sketch, and ( This one was prepared for D beta 4, everything pretty much similar to beta9.

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I didn’t see any sutodesk I wanted to give it a try too And this release is just another strategy to gain more power. Clayton Walker on June 6, Jalik on June 6, On the related note, perhaps I’ll have to try it out, just to broaden my views.

We have Blender and with the aid of the foundation, it has been used for some quite interesting professional-qualitiy products.

Phrase Ttorial Blender 2. I was less enthusiastic but still willing to download till I discovered the ridiculously large size of the program. Bart on June 6, Thanks, but No thanks.

D Apps & Products | Autodesk

Tried downloading it, but they require a log in. I would not have discovered some of the interesting products sculptris otherwise and I also find that it can serve an interesting discussion board.

Where applicable, you can see country-specific product information, offers, and pricing. This keeps us informed and we can use these softwares to improve our existing workflow. I have been a strong blender user for quite some time.


From this point of view this new is not useless; it show that almost monopolistic companies are looking on how to maintain control on a specific target, with techniques that are very easy to spot. I’ve read through this article and first thought it was interesting, but then, at the very end of a longish in terms of what is average on Blendernation text, it says sorry, but you can’t use this in a workflow with Blender.

Navigating bdta intellectual property issues of Open Source software is a minefield There’s a lot of closed source software out there – doesn’t mean they’re bad though.

Autodesk 123D beta – Free Solid modeling for Builders

By the way, as far as I know they’re also working on an OSX version. Well, I’m not going betq bash Autodesk in here. With a slower 3D card those options should be turned off to increase screen refresh rate.

When I got there I discovered I had to create an account on whatever they call their equivalent of Google’s 3d Wharehouse. I don’t like Autodesk, they have the habbit of showing big balls instead of being open and honest. Autodesk has some good software I work in the automotive industry and use severaltutotial this is exactly why people don’t aitodesk them. Shane Bowman on December 10, The least i would have expected from the editor is that the article starts with something like: I am glad that blendernation gives news about other software.

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Biggest con so far: Also, crashed all the time Headroom on June 6, Over the past few years, millions of people have unlocked their creativity with the Autodesk D apps and community. This has been made before by Autodesk, you’ll sooner or later pay for the software, in some way.

This is such a bad mindset.

Autodesk D beta 9 | Visual Communication Design

I don’t really need that app to tell the truth, especially if there’s no way to really transfer the stuff between blender and D. I heard about this product some time ago and actually went to the download site. The program is in beta and thus it can be expected that further tools will or might be added. I’ll not use something from Autodesk that locks me into one of their egregious proprietary file formats.

tutirial An excellent and unbiased opinion on a piece of proprietary software distributed by a company a lot of people especially in the Blender community are not fond of.