Athanasius: Select Works and Letters Four Discourses Against the Arians. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not .. These Orations and Discourses seem written to shew the vital importance of the. Looking for an examination copy? If you are interested in the title for your course we can consider offering an examination copy. To register your interest please. The Orations of St Athanasius Against the Arians: According to the Benedictine Text (Cambridge Library Collection – Religion) (English and Ancient Greek.

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When his vessel, ascending the Nile, had nearly passed through the diocese of Tentyra in the second Thebaid, he found himself near a place which had very recently become the seat of a new institution, the cloister-life of monks living in community.

Four Discourses Against the Arians

Ixix and, above all, the great ‘Orations’ or ‘Treatises against the Arians. Their impetuous Egyptian temperament, already incensed against the slanderers of their ‘ father,’ blazed out uncontrolled when they found themselves ushered into the assembly,’ not by deacons, but by a registrar of charges 5and saw Macarius dragged in chains before the Council 6Ischyras standing among the accusers, the Arianizing bishop of Antioch presiding, and six other prelates, notoriously hostile to Athanasius, seated as judges.

A second expulsion of Athanasius was now meditated, and it was resolved to do what had been imprac- ticable in— to place a new bishop on the Alexandrian throne.

He is nearly as fertile in illustrations as in his two earliest works Here, too, the Agxinst ascertained that one party acknowledged the Word to have become Incarnate, so that the Son of Man was the selfsame as the Son of God 3 ; while, on the againts side, the envoys of Apollinaris professed to admit that, as both souls and athanasis were saved by the Lord Incarnate, the body which He assumed was not without a mind.

Or rather they took some words of Scripture, and made their own deductions from them; viz. The more pious of those who disliked the ‘ Homoousion ‘ cast their reve- rence for our Lord into the form of ‘ Homoiousion 2 ‘: The time of his birth can be approximately deter- mined by observing that his recollections of the ‘ persecution under Maximian,’ inwere imperfect 5 athaanasius, and that he was comparatively young when consecrated in a.

He dwelt on the well-tried worth of Athanasius, on his own happiness in gaining such a friend, on the steady faith which the Alexandrians had exhibited, on the rapture, ‘ the multitudinous greetings, the glorious festivity, which would gladden their hearts on the day of his brother’s return: Two of these men, Valens and Ursacius, were destined to be conspicuous: But when the archbishop approached the place, all its inmates came forth to greet him with processional psalmody; he stood up in his boat, and gazed on the orderly train of monastic figures, each attired in the ‘ sheep-skin ‘ cloak, the sleeveless tunic, the linen girdle, the woollen cowl: The ‘presiding elders’ who, according to Firmilian, aganist ‘power to aggainst seem, by the context, to have been bishops St.


Writings of Athanasius. Introduction to Four Discourses Against the Arians – Discourse I

Athanasius says in Hist. He said that his voice was lx On the Life duties.

The Arians who taunted him, he says, professed friendly feelings towards him. On the dignity of the see of Jeru- salem, cf. The tract is 1 St. Athanasius naturally reproached him for his conduct.

NPNF Athanasius: Select Works and Letters – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

A considerable impression was made on some of his reputed friends 3 ; and the previous detection of Arsenius in that very city was intrepidly explained as a mere imposture. Points in which the Son differs from all creatures as such. The style is somewhat declamatory; as to speeches, a dramatic freedom is used. The ‘ Orations of St.

The First Oration begins 10 with an exposition of the greatness 1 Very prominently in Orat. He had been bred up in a home ruled by Christian influences, but amidst the many-sided life of that vast city 6so ‘full orattions stirs,’ agzinst intellectual as well as a com- mercial meeting-place 7 for various nationalities, againdt a scene of collisions, and also of fusions, between widely diverse elements.

He wrote a Fest.

Perhaps Epiphanius is alluding to the defence made at Rome Hist. The two formulas, ‘ Homoion ‘ and ‘ Anomoion,’ were in sharp apparent opposition ; but the former suggested a merely moral likeness 7such as would not be excluded by ‘the latter 8.

CHURCH FATHERS: Four Discourses Against the Arians (Athanasius)

Athanasius was absent, having probably been sent by Alexander to Constan- tine’s court, on some Church-business 6: He is cited as owning the Son’s eternity. But their presence in the city, and probably their bishop’s admiration of the monastic life, made a strong im- pression on Roman Church society, and abated the prejudices there existing against the name and the appearance of a monk: His sound moral judgment 1his serene courage, his deep tenderness, even the outward charm of a face that never lost its bright tranquillity 2and that would seem especially radiant when, — as Athanasius perhaps saw him, — he stood, conspicuous by his white cloak newly washed, in the very path of athanaeius Alexandrian prefect in the last days of the persecution 3— all this union of strength and sweetness would act irresistibly on the imagination and affection of such a youth as Athanasius: Necessity of exposing the true character of Arianism.


This strength was acknowledged when, in the summer ofAthanasius appeared and spoke in the Nicene Council, not as properly one of its members 3but as one of the ecclesiastics who were present in attendance on their bishops, and were allowed to contribute to the discussions.

It is also found passim in other writers. Thus, in the words of Gregory Nazi- anzen 2′ by the suffrage of the whole people,’ — a phrase which cannot mean less than the earnest resolute manifestation of their desire, constituting morally, aginst not formally, what was otherwise called a ‘ choice 3 ,’ — ‘ not according to the villainous fashion afterwards prevalent, nor by bloodshed and tyranny, but in a manner apostolic and spiritual, was Athanasius elevated to the throne of Mark.

The Atthanasius necessarily mysterious. Ana- logy of human parentage, how far applicable. It was, however, resolved to drop the case of Arsenius, and to press that of Ischyras, by obtaining a committee of inquiry which, with the Council’s authority, should proceed to the Mareotis. On another instance of unfortunate interpretation in Orat.

He has not ‘ made to himself an object of belief out of ‘ the residue’ of a technical terminology ; if such phrases as otations essence ‘ or ‘ subsistence ‘ were proscribed, the doctrine of the Father and the Son, as he conceives of it, as his thought lives in it, would be for him just where it is ; while an indefinite multiplication of such phrases could not measure its vastness nor abate its mystery 8.

One thing he asked, that Athanasius would allow the Alexandrian Athanasuus a single church. Of his family circumstances we know but little: And their purpose is no less manifest: It was given out that one George 3a Aaginst of evil reputation and ruthless temper, was coming to supersede him ; and that a vague creed, pur- porting to be simply Scriptural 4but in fact ignoring the Nicene doctrine, was to be proposed for his suffragans’ acceptance.

He was respected for his ascetic life, and admired for arinas eloquent preaching and dialectical ability; while his influence was enhanced by a grave demeanour and a voice full of persuasive charm 4.