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Moreover the NSA is the politicians manufacturer of presidents and prime ministers always according to the orders of the two global centers. So the atjanasios and the guidance is in their hands. At least this is what happened till now. Some members of the Bilderberg Club without having departed from it officially have established in June of a more developed part the Trilateral Commission with leader the president of the Chase Manhattan Bank, D.

It is equipped with tenths of satellites which are for example monitoring the movements of the Serbs or of Sadam and in little seconds they inform the headquarters of the organization.

Most of his time he is in Brussels and the last 1. From that time the members of the Trilateral Commission do operate parallel but somewhat above the Bilderberg Club as a Center of Research and Analysis.

Dr. Athanasios Strigas | Edubate

What hopes do exist? An exchange could be India. The people that consist those decision making centers just bring gold to those cartels. You have seen in the recent Germany elections-which happened together with our council elections-that the French were the ones that were celebrating the victory of Kohl. How do they manage not to loose the control from their hands? The government are in a phase of delirium. This marks a new status and it is not something that happened in athanasiso past, in which the world was ruled by athsnasios ideologies.

The NSA had information that some persons lead the millions of soviets to a revolution in order to get the deducted of more than 70 years money.

Athanasios Strigas

It is known that the ideologies were being used every time as a way to control the people. Are there opponent groups that want the people to wake up? From this point of view the planetarchyif we call it like this, will be the politics of the 21st century.

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In this way that do finally get totally controlled from their loaner. One is the soft spot of the global leaders-even if this sounds impossible-and this lies in their constant fear whether someday the people wake up and demand the wealth that they hold.

In reality there is not even an act that confirms its establishment. You mentioned before an enormous in power organization, the NSA. The falldown of the Soviet Union is a case that started virtually in from the Trilateral Commission and a part of the Bilderberg Club.

China of course will ask something for return.

This reaction can take many variations. What tendencies do appear those centers today? What is exactly the Bilderberg Club and what the Trilateral Commision? It does redeem geniuses from all over the world, it is said that it is the inventor of the infections of the today world and of many more things that is impossible to hold the simple human mind. Could you give as an example? The son Oppenheimer is against the power structure.

What do you see in the near future? In order to calm down the turmoil even more money must be given. There is a committee of politician manufacturing whose president is D. This means that you will get the loans from the banks, that all are controlled by the World Bank, if you take these and these measures which are almost every time unsociably. This is a reasonable question but the human ambition does not have any limits.

There exist of course also politicians that redeem the sympathy of the people by offering them temporal material comforts and asking from them the minimum of their possible efforts. Everyone that is in either the Bilderberg Club or in the Trilateral Commission is just representative of atrigas global cartels. This must because it has nothing to do with the balance of the world but from the balance of the profit rates. I promote you as a president, prime minister, military leader; you satisfy your vanity and have ethical and economical profits, in return you have to blindly obey sttrigas.


This necessity occurs either because the management of the public resources was not successful either because the 5 years plan did fail or because there is interior turmoil etc. strigxs

If things happen like this the consequences will drag along Pakistan and Turkey, which will split up in two pieces, Eastern and Western part.

It is very possible that the geographic borders of Greece with Turkey, Skopje and Albania will change and also the borders of Germany and Poland Oderneisser line. The last years humanity watched anxiously the falldown of the Soviet Union. The world is already being ruled by substitutes athanasils those two centers.

Κύπρος: απόρρητος φάκελος – Athanasios K. Strigas – Google Books

From the time IRA has made an agreement with England a part from it will go to the Scottish autonomists. From where do those centers have such power? They do this of course with money they take from the national budget that should be normally given to development projects.

The Guidance Committee of the Club is consisted by Americans and Europeans from the developed countries, never has joined a person from the Third World. Propaganda in Patris Lumumba of Moscow. But the conflicting ideologies were creating also many warfare. In reality those services are executive organs of the NSA which from its side is the executive organ of the two global decision making center that we mentioned before the Bilderberg Club and the Trilateral Commission.

Could you be more specific at that point? Virtually they globally prefabricate the income of the two international centers funds. Its computers are gathering and analyzing daily all the information from the hundreds of monitoring stations that are on the whole planet and in this way they oversee the telecommunications of both the friendly and enemy countries.

Except of exploiting the global wealth where else do target the two global decision centers? Another element which is being controlled is that they must not disturb the global balance.