Buy ASME NQA Quality Assurance Requirements For Nuclear Facility Applications from SAI Global. ASME NQA-1– (Revision of ASME NQA-1–). Quality. Assurance. Requirements for. Nuclear Facility. Applications. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) NQA (95 addenda) and editions. The requirements of these documents shall be complied with .

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Inspection of Foundation Pile and Caisson Construction.

Control of Supplier-Generated Documents. Design nqa-11 shall be performed by any competent individual s or group s other than those who performed the original design but who may be from the same organization. Section of Requirement 7, Commercial Grade Items and Services, contains criteria applicable to 10 CFR Part 50 for nuclear power plants but provides sufficient quality criteria for the facilities identified in Part 1, Introduction, sectionApplicability.

The organizational structure, functional responsibilities, levels of authority, and lines of communications for activities affecting quality shall be documented.

The procurement documents shall identify appropriate test, inspection, and acceptance criteria for determining acceptability of the item or service. Nwa-1 visual inspection is impossible, but surfaces are accessible for a wipe test, sufficient wipes of different areas of the item shall be made to evaluate the general cleanness of the surface. These controls shall provide for the acquisition, processing, and recorded evaluation of the quality assurance, technical, inspection, and test documentation or data against acceptance criteria.

The goal of NQA-1 Certification is to promote consistent application and understanding of the requirements of the 2080 Standard throughout the supply chain. The program shall provide for any special controls, processes, test equipment, tools, and skills to attain the required quality of activities and items asms for verification of that quality.


PD ASME NQA/1A Quality Assurance | EHRO-N Portal

It is the single most important standard for calibration and testing laboratories around the world. The requirements for any given item shall incorporate restrictions on particulate contaminants, water-soluble contaminants, and water content as appropriate for the item.

Test records vary depending on the test type, purpose, and application, but shall 20008 the following information, as a minimum, for the specified application identified in paras. Moreover, ASME does not act as a consultant for specific engineering problems or for the general application or understanding of the Standard requirements. From its initial publication inthe Standard has retained the criteria structure of 10 CFR 50 Na-1 B in a portion of the document.

NQA-1 Compliance for Nuclear Power Generation

Applicable Codes and Standards or design criteria controlling the qualification of NDE personnel shall be utilized to establish the applicable ASNT qualification requirement and edition or to specify an equivalent alternative requirement.

The activity shall be described to a level of detail commensurate with the complexity of the activity and the need to assure consistent and acceptable results. Characteristics subject to inspection and inspection methods shall be specified. The extent to which this Standard should be applied will depend upon the specific type of nuclear facility, items, or services involved and the nature and scope and the relative importance of the activities being performed.

Changes to software shall be formally documented.

Requirement 14 Inspection, Test, and Operating Status. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Nuclear safety and security. A document is nqa–1 considered to be a quality assurance record until it satisfies the definition of a quality assurance record as defined in this Standard.

The program shall identify the activities and items to which it applies. The reviewing organization shall have access to pertinent background data or information upon which to base their approval. Where the test is intended to verify only specific design features, the other features of the design shall be verified by other means.


Measuring or test equipment consistently found to be out-ofcalibration shall be repaired or replaced. Inspection of Concrete Construction.

Nqa1- Chair J, W.

Inspection of Steel Construction. Alternate calculations shall use alternate methods to verify correctness of the original calculations or analyses. A high level of cleanness as evidenced by the following characteristics: ASME does not take any position with respect to the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any items mentioned in this document, and does not undertake to insure anyone utilizing a standard against liability for infringement of any applicable letters patent, nor assumes any such liability.

The program shall provide for the planning and accomplishment of activities affecting quality under suitably controlled conditions. These submittals shall include Supplier-recommended disposition e.

Quality — Columbia Energy and Environmental Services

The software requirements shall identify the operating system, function, interfaces, performance requirements, installation considerations, design inputs, and any design constraints of the computer program. When such an assembly or component part is a commercial grade item, the critical characteristics of the item to be verified for acceptance and the acceptance criteria for those characteristics shall be documented.

Calibration shall be against and traceable to certified equipment or reference standards having known valid relationships to nationally recognized standards, or to international standards known to be equivalent to and verified against corresponding nationally recognized standards.