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While large technology-intensive corporations, particularly in the automotive sector, are investing in intangible assets, the services s ector and small and-medium-sized enterprises SMEs are lagging behind by comparison with other advanced economies OECD, c.

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After rebounding inhousehold investment is expected to have grown strongly inlowering the net lending balance further. If interest rates stay at current levels, small and medium-sized banks expect their profits to fall further between and Further increases are likely amid favourable demand prospects, not least from the euro area and the rest of the EU. The lack of north-south internal lines strains the electricity tra de with Germany’s neighbours, as domestic congestion tends to arzneimittelverordnhngsreport pushed to the borders.

Germany has with 6. In terms of its components, non-residential construction e.

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However, arzneimittelverorrnungsreport is unlikely to reach its national indicative energy efficiency and climate targets by Real public investment increased robustly in in comparison to the sometimes negative growth rates in the ye ars before Graph 4. The digital divide between urban, semi-rural and rural areas is a particular challenge. The low ranking, in 29th position of personal income taxation, also applicable to transparent entities as partnerships, is a result of the system’s complexity and the high tax rates.


Even if the introduction of the statutory general minimum wage in had an impact, wage increases remained moderate. Public investment is picking up but a significant backlog has largely remained in place. Digital economy business models frequently provide a starting point for innovative start-ups. The main findings of the in-depth review set out in this report, and the arzneimittelverordnkngsreport policy challenges, are as follows: However, it is largely concentrated in medium-high tech sectors and in larger firms, while small and medium-sized enterpr ises and the services sector in general are tending to under-invest.

While government revenues increased by 2. Many firms are unaware of the potential benefits of digitisation Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, c. Dampened by the expected stable arzneimittelferordnungsreport prices, this moderate inflation should support household purchasing power.

Recovery in the euro area goes hand-in-hand with stronger German exports and a growing export ratio with respect to the region. Local authorities’ net investment in infrastructure has been falling for years, resulting in a large investment backlog. There is a relatively strong emphasis on more distortive direct taxes, notably on labour income, while revenues from consumption and environmental taxes are lower.

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The Funds invest in coaching for people with a distance to the labour market which in turn helps enhance the overall labour market participation with specific measures aimed at improving the job prospects of older workers.

Mini-jobs provide flexible arrangements for people who want to work a limited number of hours, but also create lock-in effects.

Strong social dialogue and a relatively advanced arzneimittelverordnungsreoprt model underpin Germany’s competitive economy. Long-term values are computed over Disincentives to work for certain groups are constraining labour participation, disposable income and consumption opportunities.

Household investment is expected to have grown strongly inlowering the net lending balance further. However, Germany currently ranks only 8th in the EU on the key indicator reflecting scientific excellence.

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In the context of the Upskilling Pathways: A sound fiscal position masks missed fiscal and structural reform opportunities. As regards the various asset types, investment in machinery and equipment has started to respond to the economic upswing; investment in intellectual property products has grown consistently and is gradually increasing in importance; and investment in residential construction is picking up too, although supply is still lagging behind housing needs in certain areas.

PISA results also showed a strong link between socioeconomic status and educational performance, partly explaining the underperformance of children with a migrant background.

More than interactive innovation partnerships have been launched boosting the innovation culture in the agricultural and forestry sector in Germany.

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In addition, gross operating surplus derives from national accounts. The export outlook is expected to be favourable and to fuel German exports. However, these arzneimittelverordnngsreport trends might also reflect the first effects of an ageing population. The programme was expanded as of January see section 4. Moreover, population ageing also provides a rationale for Germans to invest a significant share of savings abroad.

The main reason for this is the large inflow of non-labour migrants who face considerable difficulties in finding jobs. External price competitiveness remains strong. Maintaining positive profitability through realising hidden reserves, increasing the maturity transformation, and more risk-taking does not appear to be sustainable.