Background Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC Went to college, became a teacher—taught at night and wrote. “Armistice”. By. Bernard Malamud. p. Background. Malamud was the son of Russian immigrants who had a small business in NYC; Went to college. As evident in the story “Armistice,” by Bernard Malamud, this can form very strong and different opinions from both conflicting sides (Morris, and Gus). Morris.

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I give you my word. The boy disliked the meat man and always tried to avoid him. Nazi Germany and Gus bernatd for you. It represents the unachievable peace that cannot occur with this kind of power and difference of opinion standing in the way.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Marshal Petain addressed a request to the Germans for “peace with honor. The Protocols of Zion! He sat in a chair in a dark room waiting for them to come.

We think you have liked this presentation. The Germans will wipe out the Frenchman. Click to learn afmistice https: After the death of Morris’s wife four years ago, Gus stayed longer than usual and joined Morris in a cup of coffee.

Armistice: Nazi Germany and Gus Essay

As he rode amid the cars on the avenue, he thought of the boy crying and his father holding him. Malakud store was crowded with customers. The grocer as usual was sitting on the cot, listening to the radio. Even though our nation is founded on non-prejudice and free morals, power and etc. Morris crawled into bed and began to dream again. The persecution or unfair treatment of a race can have major affects on people of that nationality. It is almost as if they are experiencing it themselves.


“Armistice” By Bernard Malamud p. 1076.

The British retreated at Dunkerque, and in mid-June, the Nazis, speeding toward Paris in their lorries, were passing large herds of conquered Frenchmen resting in the fields. One connection that may be drawn is the similarity between Nazi and Gus; and also between Morris and France. Another correspondence that can be identified is the relations between them.

Morris, drained of his energy, prayed that the ordeal would soon be over. He knew that today he would have difficulty controlling himself if Gus made some of his remarks.

He pulled two liverwursts and a bologna from his basket. When the war began, Morris placed his hope for the salvation of the Jews in his trust of the French army.

The moonlight fell on his sloping shoulders, then moved into the darkness. An Armistice is not a solution, it is a temporary storage. What great cause has died? Morris shut off the radio.

Some of the others made him the object of their ridicule outside the store. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.


The Complete Stories

He knew that if he relaxed the picture would fade. It was always like that with the Jews. He drove tensely, his eyes unsmiling. His mind went back to bernarrd days when he was a boy studying Jewish history. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

Who are the other people in this picture and what does the. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The wheel caught the Jew in the back, crushing his spine.

They explain a variety of things about each character. His hair had grown grayer. Please, you got to.

In speechless terror, he lay on the ground before his burning house, waiting to die. He ran into the kitchen and saw the two men arguing. One of them, Gus Wagner, who delivered the delicatessen meats and provisions, was not afraid to laugh at Morris to his face. Their relations became cooler, and after that Gus spoke ar,istice freely about politics and the war, often expressing his contempt for the French.