See more of Coptic Orthodox Theological Library on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Coptic Orthodox Theological Library on Facebook. 93 The expression “Star of the Wilderness” in Arabic is البرية كوكب where the word كوكب r.,whereas the translation in the Arabic Psalmody is كوكب الصبح. The Holy Psalmody (or Tasbeha in Arabic) is a Holy time where the believers gather in order to pray together to the Lord, praising Him for His.

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Mary as being the tabernacle, is written by Fr. We repeat the words of David the Prophet crying out and saying. How then should we prepare ourselves for this Holy sacrament so that we may benefit from it? What equals this beauty is the fact that as God joined them and stood in their presence, the chains that bound the three youths were loosened.

If we keep in mind the passage of our Lord as we hymn the Sunday Psali, then we will remember the power arablc the Trinity. Thus perfection ten is found in the fulfillment of psakmody the Old and New Testament fifteen arwbic this is why we also praise God, who is the fulfilment and the life of both the Old and New Testaments, who is perfect and above all things.

Therefore, through hearing, it teaches not only to disregard passion, but also how one must heal passion through speaking and acting St. But when the good man sees what the wicked has suffered, let him cleanse himself from all iniquity, lest he psalmoddy into a like punishment, a like chastisement.

There is a great similarity between the history of the Ark and the biography of St.

Arabic Psalmody

The Ark is also likened to St. In doing so, he causes us to lose hope and fall into despair. We are then brought to the point of persecution. Make one cherub at one end, and the other cherub at the other end; psslmody shall make the cherubim at the two ends of it of one piece with the mercy seat.

This coal is likened to the nature of our Lord. John and gave the Holy Virgin to be his mother.

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Arabic Psalmody

The Lord came in a mighty fashion and freed us from the bondage and land of sin. Another wonderful meditation of the golden censor, is found when we look at the wonderful aroma that came forth from it. It is only when we humble ourselves, realizing that we have not lived a strong Christian life, that we become closer to God. We repeat this refrain thirty-four times.

What did God do afterwards? The horse and its rider He has thrown into the sea! The people also sang this hymn when the foundation of the Church was laid. It begins by giving thanks to the Lord, professing His glory, and the perfection of His creation. Mary is clearly the pot where the manna was hidden. Praise is the work of the angels standing before the throne of God praising Him incessantly. We thank our Heavenly Father for accepting this perfect sacrifice, and we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for making this beautiful sacrifice.

Not only do raabic learn the meaning of humility and service from St. The beauty of this story is evident in the following events after the furnace was made hotter:. The Ark which represents the presence of God, remained xrabic months at the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite, before David the Prophet brought it to his house 2 Samuel 6.

Who is like You, glorified in His saints, amazing in glory, performing wonders?

Coptic Heritage | The Spirituality of the Holy Psalmody

Bishop Mettaous also brings to light the meaning of how the youths escaped from the fire unharmed. Posted on Dec 29, in BlogFeature Articles 6 comments. This, once again, shows the wisdom of the Church Fathers and the guidance they received from the Holy Spirit.

They followed the teachings of Christ when He said. Let us look at one more thing concerning this wonderful story of the three youths.

It is a comfort to have a trusty man by your side, who will rejoice with you in prosperity, sympathize in troubles, encourage in persecution. We have the armies of Hades attacking us now, seeking vehemently to rip our souls from the presence of God, but the Lord has not left us unarmed against these demonic powers.

And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: He preferred suffering to ease and comfort, toiling to rest, shame to glory, and the cross to the throne which is carried by the Cherubim.


It first refers to the presence of God who dwelt in the womb of St. The number thirty-four is significant, in that our Lord Jesus Christ lived on this earth for thirty-three and a half years. This book gives us a brief historical overview of the Psalmody, its biblical origin, and the sayings of the fathers concerning singing hymns, especially the Psalms.

It is only through trials and tribulations that we can truly experience the love of God and be lifted up with Him and when we are loosed, we become so in tune with heaven that we often forget the trials and tribulations we encounter.

Throughout the praises of the Holy Psalmody, our souls have progressed through the spiritual journey. These reasons can be generalized into three points; to prepare each believer for the Holy Communion, to cleanse the soul, and for the simple believer, to learn the theology of the Church while meditating and memorizing more of the Bible. We also learn the difference between intercessions and prayer requests, once again learning more about the theology of the Church as we sing the hymns of the Church.

After the devil has tried to entice us back to him, he then wages war against us with mere threats, hoping that we would find our way back to him out of fear of what he can do to us, even though he has no dominion over us, as Christ said. One of his most famous pieces was titled On the Incarnation. It elevates the spirit, and through the grace of God, purifies us from all our sins and blemishes.

Paola Surdi July 15, Recent From Blog What you will be Nov 30, Christ, in perfect humility, went up on the Cross and crushed the devil under His feet.