Apexi AVC-R Electronic Boost Controller Set-up procedure . Fm AVC-R = White to ECU – pin 9 = Speed Sensor. Here is a link to the AVC-R Manual Link. How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller. By Azeem The supplied installation instructions aren’t bad, follow the FD specific instructions EXACTLY. Today we’ll be showing you how to setup the Apexi AVC-R, ease of adjustment similar to a manual boost controller, this proved to be far from.

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Pinned an nice maunal up. As a preset it thought it was connected to a 6 cylinder lol, hence RPMs being miles out You can add it if you wish although there is no point unless you have a TPS from an automatic starlet as that does use a progressive TPS The basic idea is, if boost consistently overshoots, increase number; if manuual oscillates, decrease number.

That’s everything I can think of The AFC-R is an excellent device for doing just that, with the ability to set boost levels in each gear by reading your vehicle speed, but you can also adjust boost dependant on RPM or throttle position.

Start with low duty cycle values xpexi increase the duty values until boost is reached. Relative1 leave as default Gear judge: Apply the same technique for all other boost settings. You will be connecting the boost control solenoid to the actuator and to the turbo. The top port from each is running to the solenoid step abovethe second port is at the bottom and to the right If there is a problem with the install, i. Put the car up on and remove the right front tire and the plastic fender.


Posted March 2, As shown in the picture, decease run the wires through the qvcr grommet to the engine compartment, using apezi coat hanger to fish it through the grommet.

Next you need to install the map sensor.

How To Setup Your AVCR – My Pro Street

Make sure you know exactly what you are doing, viagra 40mg and that you are knowledgable with simple electrical wiring and splicing. My boost pattern isdip to 5 before transition and then back to 7 to redline. The map sensor; Reading about, you’re supposed to mount this with the nipple point downwards If air doesn’t flow there is probably a problem.

Initialize is the factory reset button, only use this when first setting up your Apexi AVC-R or when you need to wipe mnaual back to the factory form.

APEXi Super AVC-R Instruction Manual

Ive been looking for a write up like this everywhere for my external wastegate as my boost controller is boosting what ever it wants as i had just the bottom nipple from the wastegate plumbed in and the top avcd but it all make sence now! To save a lot of writing, I’m just going to put this link in With this turned on, I found that the unit kept dialing my transition spike back IN eliminating spike is later.

Nice write up mate.

If the boost is not going above 7psi, there is a problem with the install. Monday, December 31, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Go To Topic Listing Electronics. Let the car warm up and then go for a drive And like most of the piggyback computers of that age, there are drawbacks and bonuses to using each particular piggyback in question. I’ve put mine on the bulkhead hidden behind the inlet with zip ties.


Not all cars are the same, the Duty Cycle may vary depending on the apexl mods you have on your car.

New avc-r install instructions & basic tuning –

When all wires were in the engine bay I added bullet connectors and made them water tight with heatshrink. Once you are done connecting the ECU, replace the ECU cover and run the wires going to the head-unit toward the bottom of the black plastic ECU cover where there is an opening and replace the two 10mm bolts.

Do this ’til you get it just right…and hit 1. Wire colours and what they aoexi Posted January 28, Mnual learn mode may work better in your car Start off by keeping it simple, and learn to get the hang of it first before you start to play with anything else.

You can wire this into an external switch that you can activate remotely, or by using a Greddy remote switching system. I mounted mine on the front cross member behind the intercooler. Tie wrap the caps securely. Good luck, Azeem araja kestelsolutions.

Apexl a line from NO to a feed from the boost sytsem typically the little nipple on the turbo. A guide to fitting and setting up the Apexi AVC-R By aaddzzJanuary 28, in Electronics avcr avc-r set up guide tutorial apexi wiring settings. Red – power Purple -rpm1, green and black – ground and white – speed.

Pinned an nice write up John.