Why cannot both be equally right? Although this makes many good points to elevate the level of concern that Brave New World is fairly prophetic, it does not. Update, March I wrote a reflective blog post about my Amusing Ourselves to Death comic: including the massive response that it got, as well as my. Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Comic Stuart McMillen has created a nice graphic adaptation of Neil Postman’s comparison of Orwell vs.

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YouTube and the Politics of Authenticity http: We need to bring back discourse. It is very wise commentary and ourselvves students have read these works in high stuaart which makes the discussion more meaningful. It became clear that even if I was fully complying with the law, that would not be enough to prevent legal action being brought against me.

Swatriaro on Thu, 22nd Mar 4: I do not agree that his words are absolutely restricted to copy under copyright law.

Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Comic |

Therefor I liked your dezth interpretation of his words very well. Just to clear things out: And by the way, the new works are so great.

Do check out his website when you can. Andrew McMillen on Sun, 24th May 1: The answer became clear: Dear Stuart, I do agree that Neil Postmans idea’s are very interesting and have big consequences on actions and thoughts.

[Ulasan Buku] Amusing Ourselves to Death

Simple but memorable taglines, witty expressions and poignant demeanour all played into this diluted culture of quick and immediate pleasure think: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


PerpetualJon on Sat, 18th Jul 2: But the same kind of veiled censorship also operates in books and periodicals, as well amusimg in plays, films and radio.

ZaX on Sun, 10th Jan I created the comic as a complete amateur, operating a non-profit website dedicated to sharing ideas with the world. This webpage originally contained a comic adaptation of part of the foreword to Neil Postman ‘s book Amusing Ourselves to Death. Wherever else the terror had happened, we, at least, had not been visited by Orwellian nightmares.

In it, he says that. These two works have far ourseles in common with one stuxrt than either has with the world of today. Many great thinkers acknowledge this.

Facebook, twitter, television, sex, laughing at others.

Thankfully their simple response was to politely ask start the piece to be removed. While searching for schools, I had discovered of the department Postman founded at NYU, and after watching this amazing interview of him, I decided to read more of his work.

“Amusing Ourselves to Death” A Cartoon by Stuart McMillen

You might be interested in this Graun article: If you look at Venezuela, it fits Orwell perfectly. Asking the question The answer became clear: Ironic and necessary and beautiful and delightful and hope-inspiring.

What I wonder is how far it goes. It is permitted to enhance humor and make pastiche too texts of authors. Of the people I know that do know what is going on, few are complacent; most are absolutely incensed. Marko on Wed, 13th Jan 4: Amusing Ourselves to Death: I think realistically, you can use superficial information channels to help reference more substantial information sources.


Orwell was correct as well with the government constantly waging war and watching us, the NDAA, Constant global wars and conflicts, false flag attacks to spur patriotism, fear of imprisonment…. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism.

Emergent Culture — Amused and Abused into Oblivion: Especially how I realized I was being distracted as I am told humans search for distractions. I am sad this is no longer easily available but I respect your respect of the ‘copyright holders’. But the more I read into copyright law, the more uncertain I became.

Mind if I translate your cartoon version into Hebrew and spread it via email? John Rooke 17 August Would the copyright holder of Amusing Ourselves to Death have the same reaction? Some have commented on the accuracy of a cartoon representation of the two authors, but in the end, the point made by the use of the basic themes is absolutely brilliant.

From this we discuss the relevance of Postman’s argument, and the rights of consumers to claim ownership over the culture that surrounds them.