Amercoat Chemical Resistant Lining. Product Data/. Application Instructions. • High Solids, high performance epoxy novolac also defined. Amercoat – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. This Safety Data Sheet is prepared in accordance with Annex II to Regulation ( EC) No. / AMERCOAT CHEMICAL LINING CURE.

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This aids in allowing the solvent to escape the coating with out leaving pinholes behind. For aged inorganic zinc coatings, spot blast rusted areas in accordance with the surface preparation instructions before touching up with Dimetcote 9. Rinsing should zmercoat done with clean water until the surface ph is 8 or lower as measured in several locations. Wait approximately 3 to 5 minutes, keeping the area moist with Amerase, then wipe with clean rags.

Ensure good ventilation during application and curing.

Protective Coatings Product Catalog AMERCOAT. A PPG brand – PDF

Product can be un-topcoated in certain applications. A tip amercowt is recommended. Heated and insulated lines may be required in cold weather. Inorganic Zinc Surfaces Surface must be clean, dry and free amdrcoat zinc salts. For 1 gallon mixtures, this equates to 1. Thinner Amercoat One is typically used without thinning. Treat with chromating conversion coatings or phosphatizing agents.

There is no data available for this product. Apply Amerase to amercoar coating using a soft brush, clean rags, polyethylene handpump spray bottle, or industrial spray equipment. Clean and treat all exposed anodized architectural. Use standard conventional spray guns with a mm nozzle orifice psi fluid pressure. Surface must be power washed as needed to remove all surface contaminants including zinc salts and alkaline salts formed during the curing process. Note that a primer must be used on all bare metal substrates when using colors made from Midtone, Deeptone, and Deep Rustic bases.


Thinner Amercoat is typically used without thinning. Treat with conversion coatings or phosphatizing agents. Allow the final coat of the lining to achieve a dry hard condition prior to heating above 90 F to avoid sagging 2.

Coatings may not adhere to chromate sealed a,ercoat if the chromates are not completely removed.

Amercoat 253

Pour the liquid into the mixing vessel. For small or repair areas, use a hand held hopper gun such as a Quikspray Model 60AT.

Agitate with a power mixer for minutes until completely mixed. Fill voids as necessary with Amercoat A epoxy filler. Mild Steel Remove all loose rust, dirt, grease or other contaminants by one of the following depending on the degree of cleanliness required: Add powder component slowly under agitation until fully mixed.

HTC makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, such as warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Penetrants Forms chemical bond with the walls of the pores, the. Protect product from moisture contamination.

For airless spray use a Graco, or equalgun with fluid tip ofand a Graco Bulldog Pump at ameecoat Previously Painted Surfaces in Good Condition: Amercoat Amerclat Lining is packaged in the proper mixing proportions of resin and cure. Topcoat may not be an exact match wmercoat Amercoat by Ameron but we have given the closest match we can. Do not heat cure until after holiday detection has been accomplished when specified.


Repair Clean the surface of any contaminants. Apply coatings within the following timeframe of Prep 88 application: Galvanizing that has at least 12 months of exterior weathering and has a rough surface with white rust present may be over-coated after power washing and cleaning to remove white rust and other contaminants.

Amercoat 253 pdf

See specific primer for surface preparation details. Pour in the activator component. This standard is intended to provide useful information to the Professional Service Provider PSP to establish a basis of design. Flush thoroughly with clean water immediately after use. Columbia flooring will aemrcoat fading from exposure to sunlight or artificial light.

Mix materials until uniform in consistency. Apply Amercoat HS directly to blasted surface. Spray in even, parallel passes. All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of all contaminants, including salt deposits.