The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self | Alice Miller | ISBN: Das Drama des begabten Kindes und die Suche nach dem wahren Selbst. Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Miller, Alice. Prisoners of childhood. Translation of Das Drama des begabten Kindes. Bibliography: p. This is a specific kind of book for a specific type of person at a specific point in . #61 The Drama of the Gifted Child by Alice Miller, 1, 3, Jun 08, PM.

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Miller references Ingmar Bergman who described in great detail the violent abuse his brother faced at his father’s hands, but had no recollection of any mistreatment to himself. Still, if you’re planning to read this, prepare to have your world potentially upended in a very quick read. Alice Miller writes with conviction and compassion, and I most enjoyed how she emphasizes the hope all of us gifted children should have: Rather, it was more a warning for therapists — she makes the point that therapists often go into the field because of unresolved drmaa in their own past and if they are not careful, ie, if they don’t have therapy to work th I liked this book better than I expected to.

Breaking down the walls of silence.

Thus we perpetuate the loneliness of childhood: Does this mean that it was not really me you loved, but only what I pretended to kides This creates two ‘selves’ – the ‘true self’ – that is, the child’s own ‘genuine’ personality and needs, and the ‘false self’, complying, totally obedient, utterly withdrawn, willing to lie in order to present a false happy image.

Banished Knowledge is autobiographical in another sense.

Alice Miller (psychologist)

I think this is something I’ve often wondered about since I know therapists who are messes as human beings so it was good to see it discussed. In this more personal book Miller said that she herself was abused as a child. Jan 19, Erin Rouleau rated it liked it. Aug 26, Missreb rated it really liked it. Her first three books originated from research she took upon herself as a response to what she felt were major blind spots in her field.


The book described begabtten life in extraordinary detail, it was a catharsis to see expressed what I never could have spoken. Slight signs of wear! This is all pretty simplified, the book is brief and well worth reading particularly if you see aspects of yourself or someone you know in the above.

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Comments and reviews What are comments? Grandiosity arises as a person feels their achievements render them superior to everyone else.

It is a good source of psychological knowledge. There were a few details that did not match my life for sure, but on the whole, this book freed me. I come away feeling that a parent can’t possibly do right by their child, as any attempt at a reprimand is considered borderline abuse.

The child who is victimized by the Narcissist is gifted because they deal with such heavy challenges and become over-sensitive to others’ needs, always eager to please, while suppressing their own s I read this in my mids and at the time, I found this to be the most helpful book I had ever read.

I learned something about my favorite author–and, more importantly, gained some highly valuable insights that I hope I can put into practice in integrating my own self.

The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self by Alice Miller

I learned so much that I was inspired to keep re-reading her books periodically to continue learning more and more. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is a pointer in Miller’s thoroughgoing apostasy from her own profession—psychoanalysis. These people, who give us a feeling of their intellectual strength and will power, also seem to demand that we, too, ought to fight off any feeling of weakness with intellectual means. Archived at the Wayback Machine.


The author believes that depression really comes from the separation of your real self with yourself Dec 28, Hester rated it it was ok Shelves: But if one has lost the grandiose facade you once learned to create to be acceptable, and find yourself in a place of consequent depression because of the unconscious need to suppress one’s painful buried emotions, this book is instrumental in finding the forgotten wounds that hold you bound.

She addressed the two reactions to the loss of love in childhood, depression and grandiosity ; the inner prison, the vicious circle of contemptrepressed memoriesthe etiology of depression, and how childhood trauma manifests itself in the adult. Miller was critical of both Freud and Carl Jung.

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One’s own personality, desires, needs and emotions are suppressed to create a projected perfection which attracts dgama and awe. Zlice can never return to it.

Miller even argued for abandoning the term “pedagogy” in favor of the word “support,” something akin to what psychohistorians call the helping mode of parenting. Share your thoughts with other customers. If a person is able, during this long process, to slice the reality that he was never loved as a child for what he was but was instead needed and exploited for his achievements, success, and good qualities—and that he sacrificed his childhood for this form of love—he will be very deeply shaken, but one day he will feel the desire to end these efforts.

Feb 10, Chriso rated it really liked it.