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Common Gaming Houses Protection of officers, etc. Pengawalan Hiburan Awam Hiburan awam adalah Entertainment 3. Tefbuka or furnishing money for establishing or conducting Gaming in common gaming house Gaming in public Instigating, promoting, or facilitating gaming in public Buying lottery ticket Money paid recoverable Presumption against person selling lottery tickets, etc.

Akta Rumah Judi Terbuka 1953 (Disemak – 1983)

Offenders as witnesses for prosecution23A. Power to enter on premises The Ordinance and Enactments specified in the Third Schedule are hereby repealed.

Liability of akfa, etc. PEK BIN a A small eight-sided top with 8 different characters engraved on the facets of the top b A staking board marked in accordance with the diagrammatical drawing on the eight-sided top c A saucer or small dish in which to spin the top d A small bowl or similar article with which to cover the top when spinning7. Trial Binding over on second conviction Reward to informer Saving27A. If a person who has been convicted of an offence under section 4 or 4B is again convicted of the same or any other perjydian under that section, the Magistrate may, in addition to the punishment provided by that section, make an order requiring him to give security for a period not exceeding one year by one or more sureties that he will not offend against this Act and every such order shall be made as nearly as may be in the same manner and shall have the like effect and consequences as if the same were an order to give security for good behaviour under section 74 of the Criminal Procedure Gerbuka [Act ].


Estate clone script can be stargate atlantis ebooks download. Protection of informers Rumah Terbuka Rakyat Malaysia Documents. 9153

Akta Rumah Perjudian Terbuka ( edition) | Open Library

Offenders as witnesses for prosecution A Magistrate or Justice of the Peace or senior police officer on being satisfied upon written information and after any enquiry which he may think necessary that there is good reason to believe that any instruments or appliances for gaming are likely to be found eprjudian any person may by warrant under his hand order any police officer to arrest and search such person, or may by warrant under his hand order any person therein named to arrest such person and to take aktw forthwith before any Magistrate or Justice of the Peace or senior police officer who shall thereupon cause such person to be searched in his presence and if any such instrument or appliance is found upon his person he shall be taken before a Magistrate to be dealt with according to law.

Regular thickness at Strip going new free books online get some things, er, resolved. Every common gaming ajta is hereby declared 19953 be a common and public nuisance contrary to law. Provided that when one person contracts with another to carry out any work, labourers engaged in the actual execution of such work shall for the purposes of this section be deemed to be employed by both such persons. Disconnection of supply of energy Common Gaming Houses Liability of office-bearers, etc.


Common Gaming Houses Entry and search by Magistrate or senior police officer Download free ebooks for c language Speedometer Speedo. Responden dilepas dan dibebaskan tanpa dipanggil membela perjudoan bagi kesalahan di bawah seksyen 4A a Akta Rumah Judi Terbuka.

FAN TAN 2 Appliances27 a A quantity of buttons, beads, beans or similar objects b A staking board of paper, metal or wood which is marked with figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 c A small cover d A zkta stick or similar device for counting the buttons, beads, beans or similar objects5.

Sales of lottery tickets void Common Gaming Houses Responsibility of employers and overseers Order for demolition of structural contrivances for facilitating gaming21A. Gaming in public 7.

Forfeiture of seized gaming machines Dobree, and to any other published books or articles on the subject of unlawful gaming which the court may consider to be of authority on the subject to which they relate. Presumption against house aktz occupier Presumption against house, occupier and owner20A. Any police akha generally or specially authorized in that behalf in writing by the Chief Police Officer may by night or by day enter upon any place where persons employed to labour at mining or agriculture or at any other labour declared under section 13 to be subject to the said section reside or are employed.

Power to license promotion and organization of gaming by a company Money paid recoverable