Download Citation on ResearchGate | Afterthoughts on “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” inspired by “Duel in the Sun” | works primarily with Freud’s. Afterthoughts on ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. “Afterthoughts on. Afterthoughts on “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” inspired by King Vidor’s Duel in the Sun () · Laura Mulvey. In Antony Easthope (ed.).

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Afterthoughts on “visual pleasure and narrative cinema”

Find it on Scholar. Laura Mulvey – – In Marc Furstenau ed. This is when Freud claims that humans learn the physical and gendered differences between male and female. Implications and Afterlife Afterthoughts is less widely discussed than Visual Pleasure, and when it is discussed it is always coupled together with the original. Laura Mulvey – – In Marc Furstenau ed.

Anna Powell – – Film-Philosophy 7 3. Femininity- attributes and stereotypes associated with women, including, passivity, gentleness, etc. O’Leary – forthcoming – Film and Pleasurd. This article has no associated abstract. This defense mechanism is characterized by converting seemingly dangerous desires into their opposites. The Admissible Contents of Visual Experience.


Glossary Oedipus complex- sexual desire for opposite sex parent, caused by a form of castration anxiety pleaxure males and penis envy in girls. David Carr – – Journal of Moral Education 35 3: She connects the films as concentrating on a female protagonist unable to achieve stable sexual identity torn between passive femininity and regressive masculinity.

In Antony Easthope ed. Kilbourn – – Routledge. The Life and Death of Superimposition Warren Buckland – – Routledge. Sign in Create an account. Philosophy Through Film in Aesthetics.

The hero is married and otherwise rewarded such as by ascending the throne. Rodowick argued that her approach was too reductive and that her analysis of the female character on the screen and the female spectator in the auditorium did not allow for the possibility of female desire outside a phallocentric context.

Laura Mulvey, Afterthoughts on “visual pleasure and narrative cinema” – PhilPapers

No keywords specified fix it. Nayar – – Hampton Press. Is Pleasure an Unconditional Good? During this period, repression and identification with the same-sex parent are used to relieve ppeasure. Is Pleasure an Unconditional Good? From Outer Space to Cyberspace. Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. Warren Buckland – – Routledge. Request removal from index.


This entry has no external links. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance has a more traditional plot, and focuses on visusl men; however, the way the film portrays the wild Doniphan stepping down so that Stoddard can have the girl, does play up the way that the ideal husband can receive the ideal girl.

Stacie Friend – – British Journal of Aesthetics 47 2: Nayar – – Hampton Press. Sign in to use this feature. Moral Education afterfhoughts the Movies: Cristina Johnston French Minority Cinema.

Ronald Bogue – – Routledge. Kathleen Elizabeth Scott – – Film-Philosophy 16 1: Before this phase, a unisex bisexual in Freud model exists.