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AFI. Number: Changes Note: AFI_AFGM Link to Policy : Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering SUBJECT: Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , .. NOTE: Reference AFI , Administrative Separation of Airmen.

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32 CFR 884.9 – Requests for custody of members stationed outside the United States.

The Instruction authorizes use of the notification procedure, and discharge with no less than a general or entry-level discharge if the misconduct fits within the general guidelines for such characterization under DoD Results 11 to 20 of If you cannot do that, perhaps someone else who can afo to represent the client.

The military uses two discharge procedures, one allowing written response to the proposed discharge and the other allowing a hearing before an administrative board.

For personality disorder discharges, for example, see ARSec. Make a record of voir dire. JAGs often provide a wealth of experience in military law, knowledge of local commands, and an important official presence alongside respondents during the proceedings.

A soldier with a painful back injury may encounter disciplinary problems for self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs when physicians who do not recognize the injury deny her proper pain medication.

Because it cannot be OTH, this administrative discharge would be superseded by disability discharge or retirement processing, but is appropriate if no other medical condition is severe enough to warrant medical discharge. It is at this point that soldiers and sailors are given a remarkably uniform lecture: Some services have made special note of misconduct related to sexual harassment and to extremist activity.

A progressively downward trend in performance ratings. The regulations are relatively precise, mistakes are common, and command failure to follow the more important provisions of the regs may offer a basis to prevent or overturn involuntary discharges. Download PDF of this content for offline reading. Discharge by reason of the best interest of the service under Section is also mentioned. Counseling does not mean therapy or assistance in understanding problems.

The service of airmen discharged for unsatisfactory performance will be characterized as honorable or general instructions for service characterization in Chapter 1, Section 1B, apply. Many of the people described above may have made or prepared to make complaints that would bring them within the scope of the Military Whistleblowers Protection Act MWPA. When there is an OTH at issue, or when retirement benefits are at issue, it may be worth the money to get that professionally prepared transcript.


However, personality disorder discharge does result in stigmatizing language on the DD discharge document.

Keep in mind that most boards involve matters that are potentially criminal under the UCMJ. Debbage Alexander, Chapter Auths.

Representing Servicemembers in Involuntary Discharge Proceedings | The Military Law Task Force

Employers sometimes refuse to hire veterans with this discharge, assuming that they will be troublesome or unreliable workers because of the condition.

This is particularly true when members who performed well under the stress of training and combat suddenly experience problems in the more relaxed atmosphere of their home zfi. Although you can challenge board members, it is usually a fruitless endeavor, because you are unlikely to get anyone appointed who is better for your client.

They can get information that otherwise is simply unavailable to you, at least not without a great deal of effort. All other members will be discharged.

Severance Pay requirments? PT Failure admin discharge – Page 2

This may not be the JAG af provided the initial advice about rights in the procedure. Other Discharges Unsatisfactory participation is used as a basis for discharge with drilling reservists who fail to attend drills, and should not be confused with unsatisfactory performance, a Notification Procedure discharge designed for poor performers.

Commands and separation authorities tend to look at personality disorders as indications of bad character rather than medical problems, and to view adjustment disorders as insignificant.

These are serious proceedings, but the lack of strict rules of evidence provides an opportunity for creative advocacy. Its central right, a board hearing, is also available to members with six or more years of service and, in the Air Force, to noncommissioned officers.

The government does not win just by creating the biggest stack of paper, but paper that matters. If a member wants IMC and civilian counsel, it is often wise to wait afj IMC is appointed before mentioning civilian counsel. In general, the MDC is an essential resource in defending 366-3208 client. If you know the afi I wouldn’t mind looking at it. The Administrative Discharge Board ADB Procedure is used for discharge by reason of misconduct unless the possibility of OTH characterization is removedfor misconduct-drug abuse, for unsatisfactory participation in the reserves and for security discharges.


The Air Force includes time in the Delayed Entry Program towards the six years and also allows hearings for all noncommissioned officers, regardless of time in service. Ask your client or Military Defense Counsel MDC to give you the proper ranks and forms of address for everyone in the room.

In most services, the first formal step in the discharge process is notification of servicemembers, though notification follows command recommendation in the Air Force. Respondents and their advocates can make adamant requests for a wide range of documents, such as witness statements and investigative reports, the actual test results and chain of custody documents in drug urinalysis cases, or the results of any Inspector General or Equal Opportunity investigations made about the command or the events leading to the discharge.

JAG offices and command staff judge advocates often supplement the regs with very helpful but not always quite accurate gauges and guidelines for involuntary discharge procedures. If the funds are available, arrange to hire a private court reporter to record the board if the record is critical to additional 336-3208, especially if there may be a court challenge of the proceedings. Adjustment disorders are considered relatively minor psychological reactions to new and difficult situations, such as a change 36-308 duty assignments, divorce, or adjusting to military life.

This determination is normally made by the JAG command as well.

The former, called simply the Notification Procedure is used in discharges where the least favorable character of discharge may be General. The member is on active duty AD and has completed at least 6 aci, but fewer than 20 years of active service; active service does not have to be continuous.

It is worth noting that, since discharge is an administrative process, it does not preclude and is not precluded by disciplinary action.