A Systematic Approach to YDS cikmis eski KPDS sorularini aciklayarak kullanicilari YDS sinavlarina hazirlayan kapsamli bir test kitabidir. Kitap. KPDS’de her paragraf ile ilgili 5 soru soruluyor ve sorulardan bazı yorum Ancak benim tavsiyem CESUR ÖZTÜRK – SYSTEMATIC APPROACH olacaktır. A Systematic Approach to YDS çıkmış eski KPDS sorularını açıklayarak kullanıcıları YDS sınavlarına hazırlayan kapsamlı bir test kitabıdır. Kitap, aşağıda yer alan.

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Anlama dayal kelime sorular: C Alpha Centauri is invisible from the Earth. This was no doubt influenced by rising unemployment which is now at a record high. Systemtic kendiniz zn ve aklamal zm veren kitaplardan faydalann. C The rock group was not able to receive permission to perform in the stadium. Although yerine Eventhough kullanarak. Bu sorularda nemli olan unsur parann tamamn anlamak deildir.

Bir tane kitap yeterli mi? Paragrafta bu anlam aradmzda son cmlede “Believers maintain that” yaps karmza kyor. V This is due, of course, to the kpdz competition between the two rivals. Examples include extrasensory perceptions such as telepathy and telekinesis, and haunted places or people. Bu saatten sonra akademik kelimeleri isteseniz de tam ol arak renemezsiniz.

It is explained in the passage that By the mids it was telecast in over countries. A The sisters took the two telephones for two hours. Kullanmadm iin bir yorum yapmayacam. Dou Avrupa tarafndan ifadesinden sonra gelen virgl zellikle notably her hangi bir Dou Avrupa rneini istemektedir ki burada Hungarian Macaristan bir rnek olarak verilmitir.

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According to the passage It is stated in the passage that E The high rate of suicide is only among the young of Japan. B The indications were that the computer had established a virus. Ancak a seeneindeki by far Present Perfect Tense ile kullanlr. The passage is mainly concerned with Dolaysyla ancak some ile birlikte kullanlabilir. D The broken car was going to be repaired if Janice could make the long trip to the garage.


Kalba dayal kelime sorular: Birbirlerine ok benzeyen paralar olduu iin sorulan sorularda aa yukar ayndr. He used his money to build up a magnificent private art collection.

Bu kurallar genellemeleri verdiim derslerimde, notlarmda ve kitaplarmda kullanyorum. They have found that we are causing air pollution, deforestation, acid rain, and other problems that are dangerous both to the earth and to ourselves. C The telephone was busy for two hours before they could talk to each other. V No other Arab television personality is as controversial, as despised or as revered as al-Kasim.

Kitap Reading For Vocabulary

Gramer kitabndan altnz konuyu 30 dakikada unutursunuz. A The virus was indicated for the computer to work correctly.

ap;roach Other than our own Sun, the nearest star to the Earth is a tiny red star, not visible without a telescope, called Proxima Centauri. One essential point made in the passage is that C Fortunately, the failure of the planes engines happened just before its take-off.

KPDS -Test-teknikleri COK GUZELL

The main concern of the passage D They accused Steven after they had proof that the two factory buildings had been burned down. Bu szck saylamayan bir isimdir. Gramer almaya ondan sonra balayn. These tiny creatures can appear and disappear in the blink of an eye.


C His later album made a bigger contribution to his fame than the former ones D By the time he produced his new songs for the album, he was popular enough thanks to the former ones. The medical team immediately began emergency treatment to try to start the heart again. Ancak para olarak yer ald iin aradaki cmleler uzun olabilir.

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Snavlarda salt kelime sorular zaten 10u gemez. A Before the student started to study his lesson, his father entered the room and spoilt his concentration. B Although they had no proof, Steven was the one suspected of starting the fire which burned down the two factory buildings. Prepositiona dayal kelime sorular: While walking along the river, he saw berries in the water.

Bu aslnda sfat cmleciklerinde kural olarak anlattmz bir dip nottur. Aadakilere dikkat ederseniz bu sorular ok daha rahat ve hzl zebileceinizi greceksiniz: Bundan dolay sadece kelime ezberlemeye almak, zaman boa kullanmaktr. Diyelim ki paragraf sorularnda pek baarl deilsiniz veya kendinizi yeterli hissetmiyorsunuz. Gireceiniz Snavn Yapsn Tanyn Sizden sorularda ne isteniyor, ka tane soru tipi var, okuma sorular kaa ayrlyor gibi bilgileri mutlaka bilmelisiniz. A The parents who aim at having their children acquire problem-solving skills are aware of the fact that these abilities contribute much to their careers in the future.

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