HP Printer c02 Error is the well known bug amongst the HP users. This error disturbs the tasks which are performing on the printer. HP printer error c02 is one of the most hideous issues, which is Tags:fix HP printer error c02, hp printer customer service, hp printer. Error code C02 refers to issues that arise when trying to print inappropriate documents. This refers to the document which is in a different format, one that is.

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Try to print again. The is pretty much a with some features fixed, but it still doesn’t cut it for medium or high usage.

See what that does. In case you are facing this error message on your computer and are looking for ways to fix it, we can help. However, to install PCL6 drivers, you first have to download it. Check for the version and if any update available. So call us to enjoy the best remote tech eervice experience for your HP printers. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


C02 error codes when you print PDFs to HP printers (Windows), Adobe Acrobat

HP printerwindows 10 fix. If not fixed properly, this could become a permanent problem, rendering your printer non-functional, as whenever you would start your printer, the error message would appear within seconds. Then, do the same steps as a “cold reset”, except hit Disable Onbard Lan. Clear the Printing queues by removing the stuck printing jobs Go to Start option and then Printers and Faxes. Here are some steps you can take to fix the issue.


How to fix error 49.4c02 on your HP printer

I have done this a half dozen times and keep getting the same response, around in a circle. Sometimes, when you give a print command from your computer, your HP printer fails to print, and instead displays the HP printer error code That is about the biggest thing people miss.

Right click to open the errror queue. The major cause of such errors is the interrupted communication between the printer and the computing device.

Check and Fix the Network Servvice To troubleshoot the error To counter this issue, you need to print your PDF file as an image. You mention appying a firmware upgrade. Go to Start option and then Printers and Faxes.

Click download and begin the installation. Message 4 of Remove the PDF and cool down the printer first. Didn’t find what you were looking for? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Segvice the unit was accidently tangled up with programming, that will fix it.


If the test page prints, then the cause of the error is most likely one of the print jobs on the print queue.

How to Fix HP Printer Service Error Code 49.4c02?

The onboard LAN connection is blown out. In order to resolve the issues, try to print the configuration page, Go to menu and select print configuration.

So if it is not firmware or a rogue print job, what else could it be? How can you avoid the HP printer error New toner cart, was getting a low message, no change. Type the model number of FP printer, and follow the prompts. Worked 49.44c02 first time.

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