2SC Datasheet PDF Download – 2SCxxx Transistor, 2SC data sheet. Product Detail: Offer 2SC NEC, 2SC, 2SC from Hong Kong NEC 】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 【Price】【Datasheet PDF】. 2SC 2SCxxx Transistor Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic).

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U HJ 10m 10m? OU0 1 Ou0 5. Orders received and approved before 12pm PST will generally ship the same business day. Ou0 lOOu u 2OOn0 1. B OOK Covers the discontinued transistors of all present and past manufacturers throughout the world. Cross Index for alternate line Dataseet. Om0 1Om0 63 t t 30 tA 1.

Om0 65 t 9. Om0 30 70 A 20p 20p 8. In order of the letter codes, as employed 2sf102 the Type No. Om0 60 40 66 IDU 13u 16u 1.

Oub nb nb 28 40 40 6. Om0 15Om0 90 30 tA 2. Om0 90 50 u 50u 2. Where “house” type numbers are shown as having been replaced by JEDEC numbers, it should be borne 2c102 mind that the characteristics of the JEDEC type may not exactly match those of the prototype “house” number.


Om0 m Z 1Om0 75 45 A 40 A 30u 2. OU0 12u lOu 6.

Om0 65 65 45 25u 25u 1. BOO K, together with current or last known address. Om0 30 50 nb. Ou0 LOu 10u 5. Ou0 20u 1 Ou. Ou0 30u 3. M 30M 30M 2. VGS 1 5mV: If specifications or datasheet needed – please contact the manufacturer of the product. On 15n 5 On 50n 25n 25n zon m 5. While there are 2zc102 quite a few discontinued transistor types on which data have not yet been released by the manufacturers, it is hoped you will be able to resolve most of your search or replacement problems with this D.

Om0 21 21 15 t 15u. Z n n dagasheet 50n n n n 3 n n 2.

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

Index, the names and addresses of the discontinued transistor manufacturers are set forth to assist you in any in-depth search you might find necessary. Om0 1Om0 1Om0 15m0 1. D16E9 43 1 Repl. Turn to pertinent page; the line numbers are listed in sequence.

Ou0 1Ou0 1. Om0 10m 30 tA 20 tA t 1Op0 3.

Datasheeets & Application Notes

Details We carry a large selection of components including 2SC O5u0 25n 6 1. Om0 50m 20m 10 1. Om0 1Om0 50 t 90 tA 40 tA 5. Om0 me 20 tA 25 tA 30 tA 1.

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Technical data in this D. We will combine multiple items in one shipment whenever possible to save on shipping time and costs. V Vcb le hfe hod mhos hie ft hre X. Om0 80 80 20p 20p 20d 4. Om0 uA 25 A 1.

2SC Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Platinotrons including weights U. Om0 1Om0 25 30 50 t nb 28 1.

Ou0 3 6u0 1Ou0. Max Rad Level T nvt: On 12n0 12n0 15n0 1On0 13n 50 15n0 18n0 m 90m 90m 1. Om0 70 75 5Ou0 30u 2.

Cross Index, Technical Data Sections, and Manufacturers and Their Types Section to avoid the possibility of confusing the device of ,v ‘ one manufacturer with the devices of the others. Om0 1 Om 70 nb 30 2. Om0 1Om0 10m 30 dxtasheet A 20 tA 4.