For a printed owner’s manual, click on authorized manuals or go to . Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. Honda will repair or. Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to Your selection of a Honda Insight was a wise investment. hazards associated with operating or maintaining the engine speed to 2, rpm, and hold it there. Workshop Manual. Honda Insight Workshop Manual L Hybrid; (14, Pages). (Free). Honda Insight Workshop Manual L3 L; (14, Pages).

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Page of 93 Go. The Insight was launched as the lowest-priced hybrid hoda in Australia starting from December Its fuel economy is rated 4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The EPA changed the way it estimated fuel economy starting with the model year. In addition, they state it “is by far the most enjoyable hybrid hatchback to drive” and praised the ride for inssight firm, the steering for being relatively responsive, and the seamless integration between the electric and internal combustion engine.

The Insight is no longer exempted from the London congestion charge. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Separate ignition coils for each cylinder are located directly above the spark plugs. Special Maintenance Considerations Space blocks must be used with any plate style lift to avoid damage to the rocker panels or rear strakes.

EPA testing methodology is: Got it, continue to print.

Owner’s Manual | Honda Insight | Honda Owners Site

Retrieved February 27, Ima Component Locations This tracks the battery state of charge and decides how much energy can be supplied to or delivered from the battery. On the Insight, the knuckle and lower control arm are aluminum forgings, providing maximum strength ownrs minimizing unsprung weight.


In an interview in early Februarya Honda executive disclosed that Honda produced aroundhybrids a year in Japan. It was priced slightly more than the top model Honda Mnaual.

This filter can be accessed below the dashboard from the passenger, near the center of the car. A Crankshaft Fluctuation Sensor Mannual is located near the bottom of the timing cover where it generates a signal as the crankshaft timing chain sprocket rotates past it.


A typical hydraulic power steering system is continually placing a small load on the engine, even when no steering assist is required. The ECO Guide display includes insivht real-time graphic that provides a target zone for acceleration and deceleration in mwnual to achieve maximum fuel economy. The Insight was the first mass-produced hybrid automobile sold in the United States, achieving 70 miles per US gallon 3.

Unlike a conventional sensor, the voltage can be positive or negative, and it reads the opposite direction. Page 38 To inaight in holding cargo in place, the cargo area is equipped with D-rings in four corners to which a cargo net or cargo bag may be hooked.

The car went on sale on March 24,in the U.

The new Insight utilises Honda’s third generation two-motor hybrid powertrain, ownners a 1. Page 56 Battery Module assembly. Honda facelifted the Insight for model year.

Honda states that this configuration is less complex, lower cost, and compact enough to accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes when compared to competing hybrid powertrains. This allows the Insight’s hybrid battery pack to be located in the cargo floor below the spare tire, to accommodate folding rear seats, lower roofline, and a more aerodynamic body shape.

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Honda Insight

The Insight and the NSX are aluminum-bodied, while the S employs a steel body with aluminum hood. Furthermore, the gauge cluster is refreshed. Retrieved December 13, Insight “too small,” likely to miss sales targets, Fit Hybrid a ‘struggle ‘ “.


Plastic is also used for transporting and storing gasoline in the form of the commonly seen red plastic “cans”. The system monitors and displays the positive or negative effect of a driving style on the vehicle’s fuel economy.

This design ensures equal distribution of recirculated exhaust gas between the three cylinders and prevents the exhaust gas from liquefying before reaching the intake ports.

It must also recharge the Battery Module by using power generated by the motor. Contact your local Honda dealer for assistance. When the ignition switch is turned off, a summary screen displays a scoring function that encourages drivers to take an owjers in developing fuel-efficient driving habits over the long term.

A rear insiight and a gigabyte flash card system now comes with the Navi system. A brake booster pressure monitoring system monitors vacuum when the engine is shut off during Idle Stop mode. In this system, the cam followers of the intake primary rocker arms are fitted with rollers that minimize friction on the cam’s contact surfaces.

InInsight was the best selling hybrid in the country with a total of 4, sold. In this arrangement, a digital speedometer is mounted high on the instrument panel within the driver’s normal line-of-sight for ease of visibility.

The pinion shaft engages the pinion gear via a torsion bar, which twists slightly when there is a high amount of steering resistance. The Owner’s Guide provides a quick how-to on basic functions and features. The Insight was removed from Honda Canada’s website in November