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PDF 16F716 Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

I haven’t gone that high with the datasheeet so I’ll try that in the morning. Checking the 16F does indeed show it’s got internal oscillator. I put a 4Mhz osc on it thismorning, works perfectly. I’ve never used that line before and always used 4-bit LCDs.

LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F I must admit I’m surprised that it doesn’t have a built in oscillator.

LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F

To be honest I don’t really know how to set the option register bits with the setup I am using now. I added it anyway and no change. Set the command and data times up higher, still the same. I’m using the dos-based datasyeet so I don’t get to choose the option bits before I hit program. The issue is that I get mostly jibberish all over the screen changing constantly, with glimpses of the text I’m trying to put there. I am using the internal oscillator, could that be a cause?

And it doesn’t seem to be in your list Henrik. I have replaced the pic already and suspect I didn’t get enough heat onto the pad 2nd time round.


LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F I have used both the datasheer and which are in the list. LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F That seems correct. I’d add a note to the post with the list but unfortunately I’m not trusted to edit my own posts.

LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F Tomorrow I’ll resolder at the workshop and cross my fingers. Floating pins on PICs can do some pretty weird stuff, or on logic chips of any sort. Similar Threads Microcode studio not showing data, though it is receiving it By Tina10 in forum Schematics.

The list is flawed and so is the data Microchip is using in their selector tool – which is what generated the list. LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F Hi, Actually, according to the product selector on Microchips website only 18 out of around models which are in production is missing an internal oscillator of one type or another. LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F Your open pins were probably acting like little antennas and picking up something nearby on occasion that just happened to be what the pic was expecting as an OSC frequency, hence the occasional flicker of life.

Just trying to get an LCD to work first on my 16F When I tried your code it compiled OK, but you have one line missing which could be the cause Code:.


It seems unclear to me in the datasheet what frequency the internal OSC runs at and if any external components are required. I’m sure I recall using a specific command to use the internal osc datasheet the past, whereas this datasheet indicates clearing option register bit 5 will turn it on? Thought that all pics had that?? I’m surprised it worked datasneet all with no external osc components.

LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F That’s just weird, selecting No and None in the Internal Oscillator column of the product selector produced the 16f76 list. Datazheet from that it’s the usual suspects like ADC and comparators but your device doesn’t have any of that on the pins used so that can’t be it.

LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F I cut my teeth on the 16F and it is my understanding it does not have an internal oscillator. Both have internal oscillators to 8mhz.

16F716 Datasheet

LCD showing mostly jibberish on 16F Henrik, That would explain why I can’t find an easy way of turning it on and off.

Results 1 to 22 of I will add a crystal osc tomorrow and change the osc source and see how I go.

Having said that, in my circuit the OSC pins are left floating.